Typically, assistant coaches do not end up making coverage here at BSR unless your name is Cam Cameron or you make a knuckle-headed decision. Dalonte Hill committed the latter. Hill, one of the assistant coaches on the Terps bench, will not be on the bench the next two games after getting arrested for suspicion of DUI. The crazy part is that this is the second time Hill has been suspended. The same incident occurred in January 2008 when he was an assistant at Kansas State.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident just in College Park as Pat Forde points out in his Forde Minutes. It is amusing reading about Fran McCaffery’s chair tossing and how it doesn’t even come close to being the benchmark for the Big 10.

Dalonte Hill is an excellent recruiter as he was the man who was able to recruit Michael Beasley to Kansas State due to his DC Assault roots. However, it feels coaches say one thing to their players and then not follow it themselves. The double standard is amazing. Coaches are supposed to teach young men life lessons that hopefully extend beyond sports, but with misconduct, it shows the double standard. If a player were to be arrested for suspicion of DUI, I don’t think the punishment would be 2 games. Errors in judgment do occur for everyone but for repeat offenders clearly they did not learn from their initial punishment.

However, the bottom line is this. As long as coaches get wins or score the big recruits, they will still be able to find gainful employment. However, please don’t call yourselves teachers because it just confuses your pupils.