I wish I played basketball at Maryland so I could wear cool Under Armour shoes with Gary Williams signature on them.

As Terps fans know, Maryland will honor Gary Williams by naming their court after the legendary coach before tonight’s game against Duke.  The University held a ceremony for Williams on Monday that featured such highlights as toasts from Coach K, Roy Williams and Juan Dixon as well as a fist pumping silhouette of the coach projected on to the Comcast Center.

But nothing is as cool as Under Armour’s shoes designed specifically for the Terps players for tonight’s game.

You’ve probably already seen how Under Armour revolutionized college football uniforms with their designs for the Terps 2011 season, but the basketball shoes take UA’s Maryland spirit to the next level. (More pictures after the bump.)

Under Armour tweeted that the shoes are currently not available to the public at this time.