It seems that all Ravens news this week is coming from one man, linebacker Terrell Suggs. He’s always the center of attention during Steelers Week and for good reason, he’s one of the guys in purple that dominate the guys in black.

Suggs has often spoken of his love for this rivalry and his strong respect for the team he hates so much. It’s because of that respect that T-Sizzle looked into the cameras on Wednesday and asked Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward to suit up and play.

“I need you to play,” Suggs said. “Please put on that 86, that smile and all the things you do.” By “things,” Suggs means “cheap shots.”

“We need all that for this game.”

You’ve got to admire Suggs’ desire to beat the Steelers at their best. That’s what truly makes this rivalry so great.