Terrell Suggs suffers torn bicepsTerrell Suggs and Ray Lewis could suit up together for the first time in 2012. That’s pretty hard to believe.

Suggs talked with the media out at the The Castle on Thursday and kept his status for Sunday against the Broncos relatively close to the vest. “If it was a Vegas game and 50/50 odds, you would have the best odds in Vegas,” Suggs said according to the Baltimore Ravens official website. “But anything else I wouldn’t know, so we’ll just have to wait and see Sunday.”

He’s participated in practice for the last week, but fully participated for the first time on Thursday since suffering his torn biceps.

It sounded as though Suggs was close to playing against the Redskins in week 14, but ultimately opted to play it safe.

“It was wet, [we were facing an] option quarterback. It was a must-win game. There was just too much on the line to chance it, especially with my arm,” Suggs said. “I thought I would hinder the team by playing last week. It feels good this week, and we’ll just have to see come Sunday.”

It’s been a rough season for the defending defensive player of the year. Suggs tore his Achilles playing basketball during the spring, tore his biceps against the Steelers in week 12 and was forced to handover his multiple guns as part of a domestic dispute case filed against him by girlfriend.

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  1. I give his marriage (today) 10-90 odds. They did it again! Suggs to marry his girl so she doesn’t testify against him! Ravens’ PR due for another BIG award this offseason! Huge Award!

  2. Suggs is lucky his ass in not i jail for kicking the shit (alledgedly) out of his fiance. So why would anyone in her right mind marry a person that whips her ass(alledgedly)? What a loser he is. How can he be anyone’s role model? He is no better that people like OJ Simpson, the only difference is that he is a Raven! Only an F’ing loser beats up his girfriend TWICE and throws bleach on her. I wish his fiance was my sister cause I would kick his ass or he would kick my ass first. Either way, he is no man!

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