Behind the majority of the national media’s criticism of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has been ESPN’s Skip Bayless.  The First Take anchor has made headlines in recent weeks not just for saying that Tim Tebow is a better leader than Flacco, or that Flacco can’t lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl, but also for his epic battle with Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

In Bayless v. Suggs round one, T-Sizzle stared into a camera on national television and declared to the world that he has 100 percent faith in Joe Cool.  Well, he called him “Cool Joe,” but we know what he meant.

I wonder what @RealSkipBayless excuse is gonna be tomorrow???????
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One could argue that Sunday night’s comeback against the Pittsburgh Steelers could become the turning point in Flacco’s young career.  Flacco’s postseason numbers aren’t stellar and prior to 2011 he has failed to win big games against the Steelers.  But the Ravens pounded Pittsburgh in week one and Joe put the team on his back and carried them to victory last night.

After the Ravens comeback Suggs grabbed his phone and asked Bayless what he thought now.