Terrell Suggs, Tom Brady - Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

Terrell Suggs detestation of Tom Brady is pretty well documented. This week, leading up to their playoff matchup on Saturday in Foxboro, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker discovered a new way to disrespect the New England Patriots quarterback.

Via CSNBaltimore.com:

Asked if he would say who was the quarterback of the Patriots, Suggs said, “He’s the quarterback of the New England Patriots.”

You’d think from listening to Suggs that this is some sort of budding mutual rivalry, but after hearing Brady speak, it might be more of a one way type situation.

Asked if Suggs did more trash talking than any opponent, Brady said, “Truthfully we’ve never said much to each other on the field or off the field. I just have a lot of respect for him as a player, what he’s been able to accomplish. I’m not one to really say much. Over the years he hasn’t said much. He’s just got a great knack for the game and he’s a great payer. We got to figure out a way to slow him down.”