Image Credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images

Deep in the heart of Texas a local champion is crowned every year.

The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros interleague matchup, better known as the “Lone Star Series”, awards its local champion with the Silver Boot Trophy every season.

As you could imagine, the Silver Boot has been housed in Arlington for the past five years straight.

This cool local trophy got me thinking that the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals need to come up with a crown of their own for the Battle of the Beltways.  I’ve got just the idea.

How about a trophy that features three lanes of traffic stopped at a standstill.  We could call it the Traffic Trophy or Standstill Crown.

If you want to build up a friendly rivalry between two local teams, this is the perfect way to get fans of either the O’s or the Nats more excited about the local matchup.

What would you call the Battle of the Beltways trophy?