Sorry ladies, Baltimore’s quarterback is off the market. As we talked about on Monday, Joe Flacco married his high school sweet heart Dana Grady last weekend in a wedding held in Philadelphia. And even though he’s a professional athlete and one of the biggest names in Baltimore, that doesn’t mean he didn’t have to go through the fun tasks of planning a wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Flacco’s gift registries for their special day still appear online. The happy couple registered at both Crate and Barrel and Macy’s.

Just like Flacco, I too will be tying the knot and marrying my wonderful fiance Rebecca in December and we are currently planning our wedding. With my current guy knowledge in wedding planning, I figured now would be the perfect time to examine and discuss some of the best items on the Flacco’s gift registry.

Atlas 150 Chrome Pasta Maker – It’s hard to imagine Flacco making his own pasta at home, but if he did I’m sure it would be delicious with his Atlas 150 Chrome Pasta Maker. With it’s steel body and shiny chrome finish it will look sharp in the Flacco’s kitchen and best of all it’s made in Italy. If you buy a pasta maker that isn’t made in Italy you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Apple Corer With Cover – Apple corers are essential for a gift registry in my opinion.  When I pack a lunch with an apple, the apple corer comes with it.  This one is a little expensive for my taste ($14.95), but the chrome look will match the pasta maker.  It’s big downfall is that you have to hand wash it.  What a pain.

3-in-1 Grill BrushGuys, how many times have you gone to clean the grill and been inconvenienced with three different brushes?  No more. This item is definitely one that Joe had to convince Dana on, but he won the battle and I’m sure they’ll both be happy that after they make some burgers that the cleanup process will now only require one brush.  Well done Joe.

Purple Sierra Pepper Mill 8″ – Ravens fans are loving this one. Joe and Dana definitely needed a pepper mill and they opted to go with a purple one.  Surely Dana wouldn’t let Joe get the purple dinner set that he was hoping for, so the pepper mill will have to suffice.  Either way it’s a good item to have listed.  Now he’s got to get someone to paint the Ravens emblem on it and he’ll be all set.

Vera Wang Wedgwood Dinnerware – If Joe is anything like me, he wasn’t real psyched about registering for fine china. When are you ever going to use it? What I learned in the gift registry process is that china is actually pretty bad ass.  Seriously. The guy that helped Rebecca and I out when we registered told us that most people think china is fragile, but in fact china was recovered intact from the Titanic.  He showed how strong bone china is by taking a plate and banging it on the floor.  The Flacco’s went with a classic look that’s dishwasher and microwave safe.  Good move.

KitchenAid Mixer – This is just a classic gift registry item.  KitchenAid mixers are on everyone’s registry and they happen to be one of the most expensive items people register for.  They sort of fall under that “have to do even though you don’t want to” list for wedding planning.  If Dana enjoys cooking and baking, this $400 mixer will be perfect, if not then she’ll find herself in a similar position as most people who register for them.

Dyson Ball DX25 Animal Vacuum – Vacuums were the item I was most excited to register for and something that I took a lot of time to research. At 650 bucks, Joe and Dana went all out.  The Dyson Ball vacuums are incredible, they are lightweight and so easy to maneuver.  This one is specifically designed for families with pets, I wonder if the the Flacco’s went out and got a dog after their big day…  Personally, I opted to purchase a cheaper vacuum and register for a Roomba.  I like the idea of a robot vacuuming for me, it makes me feel like George Jetson.

Cuisinart 4 Slice Belgian Waffle Iron – I believe this exact item is on our gift registry. If it isn’t, it’s about to be. Waffle irons are awesome and they’re easy to use.  They remind me of how poorly I used to eat when I was in college, making waffles three meals a day at the Glen at good ol’ Towson University.  This one matches Joe and Dana’s chrome look and even has five settings.  Going with a four waffle maker is obviously a better decision than a two, especially for the price difference.

Registry Analysis
Overall the Flacco’s covered all the major bases with their registry. I don’t think a George Foreman grill and Panini Press are both needed, but that’s just my opinion. They did a great job matching their electrics with their kitchenware and even set themselves up nicely for a great little bar with a solid selection of wine glasses, cocktail shakers and stemware.

My thanks for Matt Vensel at the Sun for doing the investigative journalism and finding these gift registries. The internet is a fun place.