First we told you that Joe Flacco got married, then we showed you his lavish gifts, now we’ve got to show the pictures of the big day.

The Sun’s Matt Vensel tracked down the Flacco’s wedding photographer’s blog and here are a couple of the pictures from the big day, courtesy of Jason Prezant Photography


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  1. What a difference in people,,,,Joe is a class act and Gay Hines Ward was just arrested for drunk driving in Georgia………..

  2. Wow! Is that Joe Flacco with an expression on his face??? And guys around him that have faith in him???? Maybe the Ravens should let him drink (as the picture shows a bottle in his hand) before games as then he might be able to complete a pass over 7 yards… Oh my bad… 2nd picture he’s looking to his right to set up an out pass…

    In the 2nd pic looking at it, the one guy 2nd from Joe’s wife on the right looks like Oneil Cousins during a play, dazed and confused… And of course Flacco is looking to his right while a blitz is coming on his blind side (which of course Flacco never pays attention too) right through that gaping hole…

    They also look like they are on their own 15 yard line by the goalpost in back of them, which means Flacco isn’t moving the team and they are playing against no one…

    Typical 3rd picture… Flacco is kissing the wife (Harbaugh) because they made the playoffs (fireworks in background) as pic also shows Bisciotti (sitting) and Newsome (back of head) content they made the playoffs. Typical this is last picture as Flacco, Harbaugh, Bisciotti and Newsome are content to get this far and do not get any further.

  3. My guess is Joe went pretty far that night………….

  4. Hoepfully further than he can take the Ravens…

  5. Mr. Check Down gets married. Obviously this woman was his first love. It’s like a metaphor with Joe…he can only spot his “first receiver”, he marries the first girl he dated, never looking at second or third options. He’ll have a nice little life, nothing spectacular, much like his career will end up.

  6. Hey MGW, since you don’t return my messages. Did you get the one about the O’s helmet?

  7. @The Intimidator

    Sorry, was driving for 8 hours and using my phone as a GPS when it died. No, I didn’t see your message as I plugged in my phone when I got here and haven’t looked at all my messages.

  8. Got you an Orioles plastic batting helmet that we used to wear when we were kids. Its from the 70’s. Orange bill, black hat with the white in the front and the cartoon Oriole bird in the white. Nothing wrong with it. I thought I remembered you saying you liked that design so I bought the helmet. Thought you might want to put it on your cabinet at work.

  9. @The Intimidator and MGW – isn’t that cute, I bet you guys even fight about who’s the receiver. take it offline you fanny’s.

  10. @SD – By the tone of your comments, I would be save to assume that you live in Mommy’s basement in your “Trekkie Zone” hopping up on XBOX and Mountain Dew. It’s called having friends and doing anything for said friends. Having friends isn’t the same as you having your little plush Pokemon figures and situating them in front of the tv so that they can watch “The Simpsons” with you.

    You see, MGW is not only a great friend of mine but I also work with him. So basically, he’s family, my brother. When your a friend of mine your a brother or sister and I will go to the ends of the earth for you. It’s a creed that all bikers live by.

    Actually MGW and I don’t fight over who is the receiver because your wife always plays that role when we are running a train on her.

    I got a question for you Moron… What color does a Smurf turn when you strangle it?

    Now, if you ever try to disrespect me again let me know and we can discuss.

  11. @The Intimidator

    I think i just saw you two on an episode of the Love Connection. You two were sopping it up talking about each others helmets. BTW, your mom told me to tell you to shave that mustache – said it hurts too much. She’d tell you herself, but she’s occupied holding something else right now.

  12. Mister SD you making big mistake. give you word advice. aporogize to Mister Intimidator becrause it no come out good for you and i no mean war of words. Trying help you. seriousry. you go to far.

  13. @SD

    STD, I know both of these guys and I can assure you they are just buds and nothing else. It’s nothing like your “down low” relationship with the Spanish pool boy or the incident when you were in third grade and your male teacher took advantage of you. So just relax, not everyone is suffering the same addictions as you.

  14. Come on guys . lets play nice…………….

  15. You all are idiots. First three seasons to the playoffs, pretty damn good. He just got married be happy for the guy. He’s a good QB and an even better dude. Quit your macho man dick measuring mines bigger anyway.

  16. Hey that’s my high school! What a great photo, congrats Joe & Dana, all the best!

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