The question surfacing on everybody’s mind this week is who in the heck is going to beat the Indianapolis Colts? I think that the real question should be who wants to beat them rather than who will beat them. We have all seen the Colts struggle early on in games these past few weeks and then turn it on in the 2nd half and coming back and winning from a large deficit. We saw the Patriots up 17 points on them, The Ravens being a missed field goal away from beating them (sorry I had to bring that up Ravens fans) and last Sunday we saw the Texans blow a 17 point lead as well. The thing you have to do to beat the Colts is play the full 60 minutes, because if you don’t Peyton Manning will tear you to shreds if given the opportunity. So in that case here are the 5 teams that are in the Colts way of becoming 16-0 and who I think can beat them…..

Week 13 Tennessee

The Titans are a brand new football team ever since Vince Young took over the helm of Quarterback. The Titans are playing at an extremely high level right now winning 5 straight. Expect a heavy dose of Chris Johnson in this game to try and keep an aggressive Colts defense on their heels. I think the Titans could win this game but in the end the Colts will pull it out.

Week 14 Denver

Denver has finally come back down to earth or so we thought. After winning their first 6 games the Broncos dropped their next 4 and absolutely dismantled the Giants last Thursday. I still don’t really think the Broncos are a solid football team. The Colts will win this game.

**Week 15 @ Jacksonville (Sunday Night Football)

If the NFL decides to keep this game on Sunday Night this will be the game to watch. I know all of you are thinking wow how could you pick the Jags to beat the Colts? My answer to you is that the Jags fly under the radar and this is a team that plays with a chip on their shoulder. Expect them to be fired up at home and you heard it here first…..THE JAGS WILL BEAT THE COLTS 24-20

Week 16 Jets & Week 17 @ Bills

I think it is safe to say that if the Colts do lose in Week 15 like I predicted and they have home field wrapped up then these two weeks they will be resting their starters. Not to say that either of these teams can’t beat them but if all goes to plan and the Colts lose before week 16 then these games wont matter.

Even though the Colts have already locked up their division, they will be marked men for the rest of the season by these 5 teams looking to take down the unbeaten…

Until then Happy Hunting NFL