I’m sure right now you’re wondering why I would even bring up the Felix Pie topic.

It was discussed more here on BSR than Brett Favre‘s trips to the bathroom were on ESPN.

I’m am Andy MacPhail advocate, I believe in his vision and it’s with that faith that I let him give Pie the time of day he really didn’t deserve here in Baltimore. But the tryout is over for left field. Felix is just a thought of the past now.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Clearly Felix lost the battle in left field. The job belongs to Nolan Reimold, who should be contending for the Rookie of the Year honors right now.

Pie has started only two games in June and has only started three times since May 27. He’s sat on the bench for 8 of the 14 games this month, but he did have an RBI single yesterday.

Nolan Reimold is a rookie phenom. .283 average, 7 homeruns, and 16 RBIs. Let’s not forget his walk off homerun against the Blue Jays.

The numbers speak for themselves, Reimold is clearly the guy and even Luke Scott has started in left over Pie. I think it’s time to clear the roster spot the Pie is taking up, he’s not contributing and he’s holding back someone that could help this team.