Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles

We’re all aware that the Orioles offense has cooled down as the temperature has begun to increase here in Baltimore. Even Adam Jones, who was on an absolute tear earlier in the month, has gone just 3-for-his-last-25.

But it’s O’s slugger Chris Davis that has been receiving the most attention. The power hitter who crushed 53 homers two seasons ago is on pace for 30 in 2015, but he’s also projected to strikeout 241 times.

Davis struck out twice on Tuesday night against the Astros, but he also drove in the Birds’ lone run with a sac fly. What was amazing about that at-bat, was that Davis defied the 2015 statistics. This season, he’s recorded just seven hits in 103 at-bats when he’s got two strikes against him. The sac fly was just his fifth RBI in that situation.

Davis has struck out 64 times in the 103 ABs in which he’s down two strikes.