Last night’s college baseball game between the Bluejays and Huskers in Creighton drew a crowd of 12,184, which means that nearly 1,000 more people were in attendance in Nebraska than in Baltimore to witness Josh Hamilton hit four home runs against the Orioles.

Baltimore drew 11,263 a day after 11,989 fans welcomed home the first place Orioles from the 5-1 road trip in New York and Boston.

In his Wednesday column on, Ken Rosenthal reported on the lack of response from Orioles fans to their hot start.

The players get it. Showalter gets it. After 14 straight losing seasons — a streak that began under owner Peter Angelos long before anyone currently wearing a uniform arrived — the Orioles no longer merit the benefit of the doubt.

“It’s our fault. It’s not theirs,” Showalter said of the fans. “They don’t trust us. I don’t know if that’s the right word. But my take on it all along is that it’s our responsibility. It can’t be lip service. It can’t be. It’s got to be, ‘Show me.’ “

Orioles closer Jim Johnson is less optimistic about the turnout.  “The big test will be when football season comes around,” Johnson said in Rosenthal’s piece. “Will people be more worried about minicamp or more worried about what we’re doing? That’s the true test. If we’re in it, if we’re playing competitive baseball, you’ll see what the city truly thinks of us.”

I fear finding out the answer to that question.

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  1. Hey Jim Johnson,,,,,,,,don’t hold your breath on that one,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Not the most appropriate comparison, given that Creighton is IN Nebraska: it’d be more apt if a Nats-O’s game at the Yard had been out-sold. But I see your point, and it’s upsetting, to be sure. Buck hit the nail on the head — everybody got thrown for a loop when they started 43-35 through June ’05 & then stumbled to a fourth-place finish, so even the loyal fans probably feel a little once-bitten-twice-shy at this point.

  3. I feel badly for the players when it comes to fan support. It’s not like the guys on the field aren’t trying. (Well, sometimes some of them aren’t trying, but I digress). However, as an organization the Baltimore Orioles are getting exactly what they deserve in terms of support from the fan base. There’s no way anyone in the warehouse should expect 14+ years of spitting in the eye of the fan to be erased by one good month of baseball.

  4. Oh , I forgot to mention Creighton probably had a better team than the O’s over the past fourteen years…………

    • WOW , I really agree with spy on that one , I’m sure a few of the better college teams and a good triple AAA ball club could have beaten them plenty over the past fourteen years , not a very good legacy for the Angelos clan.

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