Dylan Bundy made his second professional appearance pitching for the Orioles Single A affiliate, The Delmarva Shorebirds, last night. Once again, rave reviews accompanied him. Below are three exceprts from Dave Cameron’s, managing editor of Fangraphs.com, scouting report of Bundy. Dave’s piece can be read in its entirety here. Video of Bundy in his previous start can be found on BSR here.

Dylan Bundy is Steve Nebraska
  1. “He [Bundy] mixed in an 87 MPH change-up that was the best change I’ve seen in a minor league game since I saw Cole Hamels in the South Atlantic League in 2003.”
  2. “The last five batters Bundy faced had about as much of a chance up there as I would have. They couldn’t even make contact, much less try and actually get a hit off of him.”
  3. “As long as the Orioles leave him in A-ball, he’s just getting his work in. He might as well be throwing simulated games. If they want to him to actually have to pitch out of jams, they’ll need to move him to Double-A. At least.”

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The Orioles scouting of Bundy, who now appears to be clearly atop all other prospects drafted in 2011, needs to be comended. I loudly proclaimed they should have taken Anthony Rendon, who has not produced nearly the same kind of praise from scouts and talent evaluators as Bundy. Enjoy him while he is healthy and dominant O’s fans, with young pitching especially, we never know what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Jim Palmer has had glowing things to say about this kid. Maybe, just maybe they may someday have a guy at the top of the rotation like a Steven Strausburg. Come on, even blind squirrels find a nut once in a while.

  2. Spy…verify? You are a blind squirrel correct? With that Insert Here tattoo…finding nuts should be no problem, especially chinnuts.

  3. We all know he has the talent but we’re not learning anything else. He’s only going thru a lineup once and it allows him to let it fly instead of pacing himself and only rearing back when he’s in a jam. He needs to be at High A pitching 5 Innings a game.

    • Agreed. The jury is still out until we’ve seen consistency at A – AAA and with 5+ innings. I want to see a kid that pitching in all ballparks against all types of hitters many times through a lineup. He will prove himself at that point.

      Just a little like golf. If i can play the same course at 2 under ain’t gonna tell me nothing. Playing all courses, even for the first time, at 2 under will tell me more about my game.

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