Credibility. I know it’s hard to trust a new guy coming in calling himself “The Fantasy God” without knowing what he really knows. But after a few short days those of you who followed my blog are realizing that the things I say come true. I have a gift. And those of you who listened are being rewarded. And those of you who haven’t listened will soon start.

When I look at the top ranked catchers so far I see JP Arencibia hitting .429 with 2 HR and 5 RBI. I see Jorge Posada hitting .286 with 3 HR and 6 RBI. And I see Russell Martin hitting .429 with a HR and 2 SB. Look at my last blog about waiver wire pickups when I quoted, “Jorge Posada will be the DH for the Yankees and should play most days. He’s a better option than owning a guys like John Buck or Carlos Ruiz. JP Arencibia is also worth looking at. Arencibia may hurt your average a bit, but he has a lot of power potential in a power hungry Blue Jays lineup.” Enough said.

At 1B how about Brandon Belt? I said in my 1B rankings to get him immediately if he made the opening day team. I repeated myself in the waiver wire pickups blog. Belt hit a massive HR in his major league debut and even stole a base the following night. He is a future 5 tool guy. Kila Ka’aihue was also praised in both blogs and he already has a walk off HR.

Guess who hit a grandslam on Opening Day at 2B? Neil Walker. He’s only hitting .417 so far. Not only did I praise him and rank him high, but I’ve had to defend myself for my projections on him in the comments. Gordon Beckham, who I said was a great value pick, is also off to a hot start. 2B was very deep this year, and The Fantasy God said it first.

How are you Pablo Sandoval owner’s feeling? Do you like his .333 AVG with a HR so far? Do you like how he’s already climbed from 8th to 5th in the batting order? Expect more big things from panda. To quote my last blog once again, “Believe it or not, Chipper Jones may be your guy. Chipper is healthy (at least this hour), starting, and hitting in the heart of the best lineup in the National League. He has Prado in front of him and McCann, Heyward, and Freeman behind him. Enough said.” Chipper looks great, is batting third, and hitting .353 with a couple of RBI’s.

At SS don’t sleep on my boy Nishioka. He now has hits in 3 of his first 4 Major League games and has already stolen a base. He had his first 2 hit performance yesterday. Expect him to continue to improve as he gets used to everything in America.

Remember when I ranked Nelson Cruz 4th on my outfielder rankings and said he could be the AL MVP? I also said he is better than Josh Hamilton. Well, Cruz has a HR in all 4 games so far, and thus leads all of baseball in long balls. If he stays healthy he wins MVP. You should have listened and drafted him.

I understand that its still early. But that’s my point here. If these guys who I said would perform have already performed after a few days, imagine what they will continue to do. So now that I’ve earned a little credibility, Its time for the doubters to start listening.

For now I offer you Danny Espinosa. Espy is hitting .444 and should soon replace Ian Desmond as the National’s leadoff hitter (who is hitting .000). Espinosa looks like he may hit for a decent average and has a nice balance of power and speed. He will eventually be a 20/20 hitter and if he’s the permanent leadoff hitter that could be now.

A quick note. It’s okay to jump on guys who start hot if they have a decent ceiling because its low risk for you. If you have a move limit be smart about who you add. Looking at Yahoo rankings I see Ryan Hanigan ranked #5 overall. I would not cut any decent catcher to grab him. But a guy like Carlos Quentin who is ranked #8 is good to take a chance on because of his ceiling. Don’t be fooled by buying high though. Guys like Kyle Drabek, Jaime Garcia, (and I hate to say it) Chris Tillman, probably already peaked for the season. Will they have another game all year as good as their first? I doubt it for all 3. So don’t go crazy cutting an established pitcher who had one bad outing to pick up Drabek or Tillman.

The main thing to say this early is to hold on to your talent. Its a loooooooong season and the last thing you want to do is start cutting guys in the first month and then watch them explode in May or June. And watch your waiver wire to grab guys who are prematurely cut. If you see a guy who was drafted in the first 9 rounds cut, you probably should jump on him. Because baseball is a very streaky sport and sometimes it takes guys awhile to get started. So if you see a Manny Ramirez, or Max Scherzer, or Derek Jeter cut, get them immediately. Their numbers will be there at the end.

Any questions on who to add? Who to trade? Strategy? Want a review of your team? Comment or email me. I always respond. Thanks for reading.