The short All-Star week can make or break your fantasy season. If your fighting to get into the playoffs this is a very important week for you. The week only runs Thursday-Sunday and its impossible to even tell at this point who exactly will pitch. If you take a beating after only 4 days of play and miss the playoffs by a point or two, this could easily be the week you point the finger at. So what do you do?

The most important thing you can do is count your starters. Your going to have to wait until Wednesday night to check the probable pitchers for the rest of the week. If you go to and highlight “News” there is a “Probable Pitchers” list where you can go day to day to check on your starters. There are dozens of other ways out there to check upcoming pitchers too. I’m sure some teams will have a lot of TBA’s. You can pretty much bank on #1 pitchers who are not on the All-Star team to start on the first day back. If you have starters who made the All-Star team they probably won’t pitch until the weekend. Because some teams are off on Thursday they will only play 4 games next week. That means someone in their rotation won’t start.