The Fantasy God’s Fantasy Baseball cheat sheet is a guaranteed way to make sure you draft a winning team this year.  For a preview click the picture to the right to enlarge it.  The sheet uses a completely unique color system that tells you which players are the best picks in each round.  Players that are green are good picks for their round.  Players who are yellow are decent or cautionary picks.  Red players are the ones you don’t want to touch.  The system is based on rankings from Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball.  A player who is ranked in the “red” category is there because they are not a good value for their round.  However, if that player falls a few rounds their value could change.

Every player in the top 1,180 are listed on the spreadsheet with a description that analyzes each player in great detail.  Only relievers who are not closers are left off the sheet.  The sheet is complete with statistics from the 2011 season.

The Fantasy God uses a unique system based off of split statistics, historical trend, and his broad knowledge of Major League Baseball, farm systems, and prospects.  The Fantasy God is incredibly accurate and highly successful at fantasy baseball.  You will not find analysis like this anywhere else out there.

To receive the spreadsheet simply Pay Pal $10 to  After payment is received, the cheat sheet will be emailed to the buyer’s email.  If you do not have Pay Pal, have any questions, or would prefer the sheet to be sent as a Mac Numbers file, send an email asking.

This cheat sheet is the fastest way to get information from The Fantasy God.  Generic fantasy articles will begin to appear on Baltimore Sports Report shortly.  The Fantasy God’s position by position rankings will be released one by one the week of March 19th.  Please come back to BSR all season long for your fantasy baseball advice.  The Fantasy God will answer all questions and comments throughout the season.

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