Remember not to get too caught up in hot streaks or slumps and think that a player will do that for the entire season.  Its hard to remember how great Nelson Cruz and Gordon Beckham were in week 1 because they have been so bad since then.  At some point they will return to those numbers and will level out around the numbers that they should be producing.  You have to remember that when your looking to trade for players who are hot.  Is Gaby Sanchez good? Yes.  Is he consistent? Yes.  Is he on a hot streak right now? Yes.  Would I buy him high sell Prince Fielder and make him my primary 1B? No.  Never buy high and sell low.  Especially don’t sell low on anyone you took in the first 6 rounds.  The object is to buy players low before they get hot and reap the benefits.  So who should you buy low on right now?

Joe Mauer- I don’t care if he’s out until early to mid June.  As soon as he comes back he will put up an elite average and elite offensive numbers.  There are rumors of him converting to the outfield which would give him multiple eligibility.  His numbers will be typical of any other team he has ever played.  The only downside is that you have to wait on him and be patient for another month.

Buster Posey- If anyone is frustrated with his low AVG and wants to sell him then jump on him.  Coming off an overachieving rookie season Posey was due to come down a little.  He will start hit for AVG in the .280 range and hit an elite number of HR’s for his position.  Most people will probably give him a long leash, but as that leash gets tighter swoop in sell someone hot.  Avila and another piece perhaps?

Adam Dunn- .180 and 3 HR so far.  If there is anyone in the game who will give you a guaranteed stat line its Dunn.  He will still hit .250 and he will still hit 38 HR.  Which means trading for him right now will give you 35 HR for a partial season with him.  Those are huge numbers.  Of course its taken him awhile to adjust to AL pitching, but once he’s comfortable and starts to get hot he will blast a last of HR’s in a short amount of time.  Yes the average will hurt you, but he’s very much worth the power at this cheap of a cost.

Dustin Pedroia- He’s off to a bad start, he is starting to hit better, and he will still have elite 2B numbers when the season ends.  Enough said.  If you can get him for less than his 2nd-3rd round value then do it.

Dan Uggla- He’s usually a slow starter.  Most managers are probably happy with him already because he has supplied them 6 HR.  His AVG on the season is pretty bad though.  Worse than normal.  But over the last week or so he’s hitting for AVG and looking much better.  He should slowly get his AVG back up there to a respectable number while jacking plenty of HR’s.

Chase Utley- The window has probably closed to get Utley for cheap now that its known that he is starting a minor league rehab assignment.  I fully expect him to come back in two weeks and do what he’s always done.  I can see him hitting .300 with 5 HR by the end of June.

Aramis Ramirez- He hasn’t hit a HR in ages.  Once he gets that first one off his chest (which should be soon because he is starting to heat up) he should get back into a groove and find more consistency.  He is a better second half player and still has a lot of power potential.  Since he was drafted late he should be very cheap to acquire.  One mediocre pitcher might do it.  He’s a good fill in until Zimmerman or Pablo returns, and a good utility hitter for the rest of the season.

Hanley Ramirez- He’s still an elite player at a thin position.  If you can get him even for a guy that went in the late 1st Round I’d still do it.  He is still the #2 or #3 player overall and will prove it shortly.  If you can get him for anyone that was drafted after round 1 then don’t even think about it and just do it.

Carlos Gonzalez- I did predict him to come down a little from last season, but he is much better than the way he is playing now.  I still expect solid numbers.  If someone is ever looking to sell any 1st round picks like this then do it.

Delmon Young- He’s probably very cheap.  Good enough to put up 2nd OF type numbers.  As the Twins get healthy with Nish and Mauer returning and the teams gets better overall there are nothing but good things that will happen to that offense.

Nick Markakis- Do you want average? Then get Nick.  When it warms up so will he.  I expect him to get near .300 still.

Good pitchers will always pitch.  If there are any pitchers that are for sale that your gut tells you is really good or was really good last year then trust yourself to get them.  Guys like Jimenez, Gallardo, and Latos will perform sooner or later.  I wouldn’t worry about any of them long term.  Madison Bumgarner was already proof of that as he bounced back quickly.

Any questions?  Comments?  Leave them and I will answer ASAP as usual.

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