Albert Pujols has a strained left wrist.  How do you replace him?  You don’t.  I know I’ve already talked about how to try to replace him once already this year, but with him being the best player of our time I think he deserves an article every time anything happens to happen.  More information should be released today as to how bad this injury is, but I expect him to miss 3 weeks at the minimum.  Buster Olney predicted this morning that this injury would cause the Cardinals to offer less money to Pujols in free agency and will thus cause him to go elsewhere next year.  So this injury is a big deal.   So since you can’t replace Pujols, here are some guys you can add to be a stop gap until he’s back.

Michael Morse – Right before his hot streak started he was in one of my articles saying to pick him up and that a hot streak would start soon.  He’s probably not available in your league, but if he is then grab him.  What he has done has been more than just a “hot streak” because he’s done it consistently for about 2 months now.  Streaks end after a week or two.  I talked to Morse yesterday and he said he’s just seeing the ball very well.  Grab him and expect him to perform for the whole season.

Michael Cuddyer – Never really been a big fan of him, but he’s hitting for average, has decent HR’s, and has a much better lineup now with Mauer and Nishioka back.  He is also eligible at tons of positions.  He should keep your team floating with Albert.

Derrek Lee – He’s hot right now.  He had a huge series against the Nationals and I expect that to continue against the Pirates.  I think he’s fully healthy and should put a nice stretch over the next few weeks.  Perfect for us Pujols owners.

Todd Helton – Where did this guy’s comeback come from?  He’s hitting for average and that’s all that matters.  He will offer a little power and will get some decent RBI’s.  With Cargo now hitting leadoff he has good hitters in front and behind him.

Justin Smoak – He’s struggled a little recently, but Smoak will have plenty of ups and down being a rookie.  When he is hot he is really hot and likes to play superstar.  That means he likes to hit walk offs and win games for his team.  He has been slumping for a little while now so I expect him to heat up here soon.  Probably against the Nationals this week.

Carlos Lee – He’s been cut in a nice chunk of leagues this year.  He is a second half player and still has plenty left in his tank.  If this guy goes to a hitters park next year he is a late round guy that you have to get.  So go ahead and grab him, wait for the second half, and hope he gets traded to a contender.  If he does, he’s gold.

Mitch Moreland – He’s okay.  He hits in a great lineup.  He plays everyday now.  So he’s a decent add with mediocre power and a mediocre average.  He’s the definition of a fill-in 1B.

Brett Wallace – I’ve always said this guy has the ability to hit for a monster average.  Even after having his ups and downs this year he’s still hitting .308.  Grab him for his average and watch him get you hits almost daily.  The power should develop a little more eventually.  Thats the last tool to develop.

Freddie Freeman – I’m sure I’ve written this guys name more than anybody else this season.  I still really like him.  And he doesn’t seem to stay cold for long.  He bounces back quickly.  His average is a little low, but he continues to improve and has huge power.

Casey Kotchman – Make him your last option.  He hits decently in Tampa, but isn’t that great of a player overall.  But he’s found a home and is comfortable there, so he seems to be decent for now.

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  1. For what its worth I like Helton the most on this list. He’s healthy and has very established skills. He lack’s Albert elite power, but otherwise fills the rest of the same categories at approximately the same rate.

  2. Between Puljos and Holliday, both on my team this year, it’s been a rough start to the season.

  3. @Ross – Helton is still solid…for now…i wouldn’t say the same rate because the HR power is nowhere close…i just don’t see Helton continuing at this pace all year thoug…but for now he’s good.

  4. @The Fantasy God – Try having Pujols/Longoria/Mauer/Utley/Sandoval/Jeter/Stanton all on the same keeper league team. They have all missed significant time. I also have Votto/Uggla/Bruce and with a team like that you’d think I’d be dominating, but it’s not happening…which is very bizarre.

  5. @The Fantasy God – I certainly concede that he won’t fill the HR category at the same rate. I attempted to imply that with “lacks Albert’s elite power” but did not succeed. As for Helton’s ability to perform at this level – I believe its directly correlated with his ability to stay healthy. He certainly has been injury prone over the last several seasons and the second he experiences any type of ding I’d throw him back but until then I think his current level of production is sustainable. So I think we’re expressing similar points of view just in different words.

  6. Just a suggestion for articles like this, list the replacements ownership %.

  7. @Reality Check – Thanks. Each website has different % so its hard to give a number when so many people use so many different sites.

  8. well just use the main ones like espn and yahoo or mlb its only three stop being lazy lol!

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