For some reason being ranked in the first round this year was a total jinx.  Pujols has the lowest AVG of his career, Tulo is hitting a terrible .261, Longo got injured and is hitting .253, Votto is having a power drought with only 8 HR, Cargo is only hitting .249 after winning a battle title, Cano is hitting only .273 after winning a batting title, Wright is injured and hitting .226, Crawford started slow and is hitting .246, and now Hanley Ramirez is injured.  Oh and by the way he is hitting worse than them all at .210.  If you chose Braun, MCab, or Adrian then congratulations.

Well shortstop is already a terrible terrible position and now you have to replace the #1 ranked shortstop overall.  Maybe you panicked and grabbed someone you were unsure about, and now your desperate for a SS.  Fear not, The Fantasy God is here.

Add Dee Gordon of the Los Angeles Dodgers right now.  The son of Tom “Flash” Gordon is quicker than a flash.  Get it?  Gordon is the top prospect in the Dodgers organization and was ranked #26 in all of baseball by Baseball America.  Gordon was just recalled a few days ago and made his major league debut with 3 hits and a steal.  Eventually he is the Dodgers leadoff hitter.  For now his major speed is worth adding in any league.  This guy’s speed is an 80 on the 20-80 scouting scale.  If I had to compare him to a major league player I would say he could be the second coming of Jose Reyes.  Gordon may have a little trouble with contact early on in his career so his average may not be so hot, but his SB total will be.  At AAA this year he already had 22 SB in only 50 games.  Last year he stole 53 bases at AA.  73 SB in 2009 at the A level.  His stolen base total can easily translate to 50+ steals over a full major league season.  I would even make the bold statement that during the peak of his prime he will steal 70 bases in a season.  Thats how much I believe in this kid’s speed.  Reyes’ best total was 78.  Aside from the speed Gordon may add 10 HR over a full year, which is also Reyes like.  For the short term Gordon will help you win steals.  Seeing how most short stops don’t put up much production its good to know that you can get a guy that will at least do one thing great for you.  So if your desperate for a SS go hit the add button right now.

If he was gone in a “flash” here are some more options.  Damn I’m funny.

Derek Jeter (NYY)- Chances are he wasn’t cut because there are too many Yankee fans…or people who wear their stuff because its trendy and can’t name all 5 guys in their rotation.  Either way if Jeter was cut I would grab him.  He almost hit for AVG in the month of May and I feel he is in line for a decent second half.  He seems to be producing much regularly now and doesn’t really hurt your team most nights anymore.

Jhonny Peralta (Det)- If he’s still out there he’s worth having.  His .300+ AVG won’t last, but at least he’s producing.  It was unfair to think his career was over prior to this season seeing how he is only 28, in his prime, and was pretty successful early on.  Add the fact that he’s in a much more dangerous lineup and you have a solid SS who is also eligible at 3B.

Darwin Barney (CHC)- He seems to be a legit AVG guy.  He should be able to stay over .280, which is technically hitting for AVG.  The way he’s hit so far it looks like he may be able to stay at or near .300.  Anyone that can do that is worth owning especially at a bad position.

Brandon Crawford (SF)- A rookie with upside.  Won’t hit for average this early, doesn’t have much power, and has been caught stealing a good bit, but at least he has high energy and has a chance to produce nightly.  He has had some big hits so far and has looked great at times.  If Gordon is gone maybe he is your guy.

Tsuyoshi Nishioka (MIN)- Oh yeah, its time to start hearing that name again.  I don’t think he’s too far away from returning and he should steal some bases and hit for a decent average.

Ryan Theriot (STL)- He usually hits in front of Pujols, Holliday, and Berkman.  Sounds good to me.  He had a bad start, but he isn’t a bad hitter.  He has always been a guy who can hit for AVG and thats pretty much what he will do for you.  He should get some hits, get on base, score some runs, and maybe steal a base every other week.  Better than plenty of other options.

Jed Lowrie (BOS)- Another guy who hits decently.  His average has sunk lately and I think it will sink to under .290 but still a mediocre add.

Jamey Carroll (LAD)- He’s been an underrated fantasy player for like 15 years now, or at least it feels that long.  He is eligible at just about every single position and hits for average.  Gordon and Furcal could possibly dip into his playing time, but for now it seems like they aren’t.