Let’s go ahead and make this entire introduction about the Giants.  I mean, they are the defending World Champions so I guess they’ve earned it.  So Buster Posey seems to be out for the season?  Thats awful for anyone who owns him.  Its been a terrible year to own the top catchers.  Its like drafting a top tight end in fantasy football last year.  None of them have stayed healthy.  So Posey will miss 2 months minimum and entire season maximum.  If your league only has a couple DL spots go ahead and drop him.  If you have room to stash him on the DL you might as well.  In other Giants news Brandon Belt has been called back up.  I’ve said before a couple times that I expect him to play well once he dominated AAA and was recalled.  He’s safe to pick back up right now.  Anymore Giants news?  Pablo Sandoval will return in about two weeks.  Yay.

Here are the top 5 guys you should add if you lost Buster Posey:

  1. Jesus Montero- You just lost last year’s Buster Posey so you have to pick up this year’s Buster Posey.  Who knows when he will come up though.  So you either have to keep an eye on him and then pounce when he comes up, or you need to just add him now and stash him.
  2. Jonathan Lucroy- He’s hitting right now and that’s what matters.  Sure he’s overachieving with his .321 average, but he did have high upside even before the season began.  Grab him and hope that his streak rides out awhile and that he continues to hit .280+
  3. Wilson Ramos- He is playing a good 5 days a week now and he hits high in the order each time.  His average has dropped a good bit over the past few weeks, but that seems to have been a slump that he may be coming out of.  Ramos also had very high upside before the season started and is projected to be a very good major league hitter.
  4. Chris Ianetta/Jarrod Saltalamacchia- They are really the same guy.  They will destroy your average and hit for good power at a thin position.  Ianetta should be a little more consistent.  Salt is on a hot streak.
  5. Hank Conger- Another guy with high upside.  He is going to be a good fantasy catcher for years to come.  He has struggled a lot recently, but he has to come out of it eventually.  How about he does it right after you pick him up.  You never know.

Different positional players to watch:

Brandon Belt (1B)- In case you don’t read my intro and just skip to player names. ^^^ Look up.

Freddie Freeman (1B)- I’ve liked him all year.  Tons of power.  He seems to be getting a lot more multi hit games recently.  That’s a good sign.

Mark Trumbo (1B)- He has decent power.  He will hit you some HR’s certainly.  The average is and will stay low though.  Its a shame Kendrys went down for the season because Trumbo was starting to play the outfield which would have skyrocketed his value.

Michael Morse (1B/OF)- He hit a lot of HR’s at the end last year.  Then he hit a lot of HR’s this spring.  Then he started the season in a month and a half slump.  Now he is back to hitting a lot of HR’s.  If you need immediate power add him now and ride him while he’s hot.  Once he gets going he’s a really underrated hitter who stays pretty consistent.

Darwin Barney (2B/SS)- Most of you have already caught on to him.  I do think he’s overachieving some, but he should still hit for average even when he comes down.

Gordon Beckham (2B)- If he’s been cut, watch him.  He’s starting to hit a little better.  I still think he’s going to have a very nice second half.  He started great, and has a lot of upside and potential.  He’s too talented to do this all year.

Alberto Callaspo (2B/3B)- He consistently hits for average with some power and some speed.  What else can you ask for if your waiting for all these injured 3B’s to come back?

Jamey Carroll (2B/3B/SS/OF)- He hits near the top of the Dodgers order, has always been a decent hitter, and has the best position eligibility you can ask for.  They might as well let him pitch too.

Alex Gordon (3B/OF)- Wasn’t and still am not sold on Gordon as a high average, power hitting, 3 hole guy.  LOVE him as a leadoff hitter.  What a great idea.  And what a great add!

Delmon Young (OF)- If he’s available he’s worth adding.  He had a breakout season last year and I expect him to put up nice numbers once he gets used to being back.

Nolan Reimold (OF)- Yeah, I said it.  So what?  He’s also had nice splits.  He was productive in his first year.  Last year he battled a lot of personal problems that I honestly think attributed to his terrible season.  This year he did very well in spring, but only didn’t make the team because he had an option left and Pie did not.  Now he’s back and killing the ball.  The problem with him is playing time.  If he gets to play I think he will perform.

Franklin Gutierrez (OF)- Just returned from the DL for irritable bowel syndrome.  And I’m being serious.  He has always been a solid player that can hit 20 HR.  He should really be able to improve that Seattle offense.  And with their great pitching staff they may be playing plenty of high pressure divisional games that actually matter.  Competition is good.

Too many pitchers to name.  I’ll just a name a bunch that could be available and that I think are legit and should be owned (in order).  Charlie Morton, Homer Bailey, Erik Bedard, Anibal Sanchez, Bud Norris, Rick Porcello, Jake Peavy, Derek Holland, Jake Arrieta, Carlos Carrasco, Tyler Chatwood, Nick Blackburn, Jason Hammel, Josh Outman