If your fantasy league is one of those that includes week 17 then I feel sorry for you.  No league should ever include week 17.  It’s just not fair.  Too many players are benched.  Chances are that if you took Aaron Rodgers in the first round and are still alive, that Rodgers is the guy that carried you there.  And now in the most important week of the season you really can’t use him.  Let’s take a look at some of the key situations for this ridiculous fantasy football week.

Detroit @ Green Bay- A forgettable fantasy game.  Neither of these two teams are playing for anything.  Green Bay has already clinched home field advantage, and Detroit has already clinched a playoff spot.  Which means major resting.  I would not advise starting Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Ryan Grant, James Starks, or Kevin Smith.  The only real positive from this matchup would be the defenses of both teams.  Both are good starts this week because they should be facing backup QB’s Shaun Hill and Matt Flynn.

San Francisco @ St. Louis- Starting San Fran players is a go.  The 49ers have not clinched a 1st round bye yet, so they must win.  It should be a pretty easy matchup for them too.  If anything, you will only have to worry about them jumping out to a big league and then resting their guys towards the end of the game.  But if they do indeed jump out to a big league, that means they score a lot of fantasy points.  All of their starters are good to go.  I would use any St. Louis players with caution, because obviously they are playing a great defense.

New York Jets @ Miami- The Jets are in a crowded pool of teams fighting for the final wild card spot.  This should be a pretty good matchup for both offenses.  Proceed to use whoever you would normally use in this one.

Chicago @ Minnesota- Both teams are playing for nothing.  Both teams are pretty banged up too.  Expect a normal fantasy game here.  I’m sure Percy Harvin will have another big day with Peterson being out.  Toby Gerhart isn’t a bad option either.

Buffalo @ New England- Luckily for owners of Patriots players, home field advantage has yet to be decided in the AFC.  So New England will be forced to start Tom Brady, Welker, Gronkowski, and crew.  On another positive, the game will probably be high scoring too.  If you have Tom Brady you probably just got a break big enough to win you your championship.  Start everyone here.

Carolina @ New Orleans- As I mentioned with the 49ers, the first round bye spot in the NFC is undecided.  Which means Brees will at least start this game.  If they blow Carolina out he could sit the second half.  But their rushing game is weak, so in order for them to blow Carolina out it will take a big day from Brees.  Don’t be afraid to start everyone you normally rely on.

Washington @ Philadelphia- Nothing but bragging rights here.  Unfortunately that’s probably bad news for LeSean McCoy owners.  McCoy is banged up and really has no reason to play this week.  That’s a gigantic blow to his owners.  If you desperate add Dion Lewis.  He has some upside as a starter.  Roy Helu looks like he will play this week.  All normal starters minus McCoy can be used.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville- Here’s your worst game of the week.  Will Indy want to avoid the Manning/Luck drama and win this one?  Or will they throw the game to get Luck?  Should Jacksonville throw the game to make sure Luck doesn’t come to their division?  All good questions.  All questions that make this game too much of a toss up for me.

Tennessee @ Houston- Not sure exactly how the tie breakers work if Baltimore and Pittsburgh both lose.  But if they both lose and Houston wins then they are tied with the same record for the first round bye.  If Houston still has a shot then maybe they will play full force.  Tennessee is in the handful of teams still fighting for a playoff spot.  That makes them an aggressive team this week.  Definitely start any of their players that you have.  I’m a little shaky on Houston.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta- I wouldn’t trust any Falcons.  They have nothing to play for this week.  I expect them to rest their starters, for the most part.  So Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Michael Turner owners should be worried.  I guess Tampa Bay actually has some upside if they are playing a second string defense.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati- This one sure is important.  If the Ravens win they could win the division and get a bye.  They could possibly have home field advantage with a Patriots loss.  Cincinnati has to win to be in the playoffs.  If they lose they are stuck in tie breaker hell.  Definitely start your fantasy players in this one.  Highly recommended.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland- The Steelers have to win to have a chance at the division/first round bye/home field advantage.  It’s a must win for them against a weak team.  Don’t hesitate to start your Pitt players.  Hesitate on starting any Browns whatsoever.

Kansas City @ Denver- It’s a must win for Denver who can win the division with a win.  Kansas City has been very strong lately though, and would love to play spoiler.  So start your guys regardless.  Especially Tebow, who could have yet another big fantasy game.

San Diego @ Oakland- See Denver above.  Oakland must win to have a chance to win the division.  If both them and Denver wins then Oakland is could be stuck in a tie breaker for the wild card.  If Oakland loses they are out for sure.  So start their players.  Also start the Chargers who want to play spoiler.

Seattle @ Arizona- Pointless game that determines who finishes a distant second place in the division.  Avoid players from this game.  There is no guarantee that either team will go full speed.

Dallas @ New York Giants- Definitely start everyone in this game.  It’s the most important game of the week.  The winner wins the division.  If you have players on either of these teams then congratulations.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave the.  The Fantasy God will respond to everything.  Good luck if your playing this week.  Your going to need  it.

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