Be patient. That’s really the best advice I can give you. Yes it’s fantasy week 3, but most teams have only played 9 games so far. They really haven’t completed two weeks yet. So stop worrying over Pujols hitting .243. It’s a looooooong year. Everyone will have hot and cold streaks. And those young pitchers will continue to get better and better. Instead of giving up on your young guns because of a slow start, try to look and see if there were any positives. Ride it out with them a little and watch them improve. Brian Matusz looked good through 5 innings today. His season ERA is bad, but today’s start was good for the most part. Eliminate the 1 inning and it was a good start. Perhaps next start he can work out that one troublesome inning and have a quality start. The same can be said for most young pitchers. Don’t go dumping them quite yet.

Good Pickups: In order by position, and not order of who you should get.

Carlos Pena (1B-TB)- He’s motivated once again. He will kill your average for sure, but right now he’s playing well. He will add immediate power to your team.

Brandon Belt (1B OF- SF)- He’s been a hot story lately. Huge spring. Struggled in his first two games. Then he was in the doghouse and sat for 5 games. If it was motivational I bet it works. The only way that SF will have a successful offensive lineup is if Brandon Belt breaks out. They have to let him play. Keep an eye on him. IF you cut him, you have to grab him as soon as he’s playing everyday once again and showing life.

Justin Smoak (1B-SEA)- He’s getting better and better. He’s also heating up. He will probably only be good during streaks, but he has a high ceiling to be a good power hitter.

Kelly Johnson (2B-TOR)- They love to hit HR’s in Toronto. They have a different mindset up there where everyone hits for power. Johnson can give you a rare 20+ HR at his weak position. He also steals bases. His average won’t be great though.

Kyle Seager (3B SS-SEA)- He’s a guy to keep an eye on because he’s eligible at a weak SS position. When Mike Carp comes back from the DL it could hurt his playing time, unless he continues to play well now. He has more power than the average guy available at SS.

Zack Cozart (SS-CIN)- Anyone who purchased my cheat sheet was told to draft him. Cozart is a very good contact hitter. I expect him to hit near .300 this season with 15+ HR and SB. He is a rookie of the year candidate who hits in front of Joey Votto.

Ian Desmond (SS-WAS)- He’s playing solid right now. He is pretty streaky though. He won’t give you more than 10 HR, but he can steal 20 bases. Don’t expect a high AVG either.

Austin Jackson (OF-DET)- He changed his swing and he looks great. He’s hitting for contact and keeping a decent AVG. He’s also stealing bases and already has a HR. Did I mention he hits in front of Boesch, MCab, Fielder?

Mike Trout (OF LAA)- He is tearing up AAA. There isn’t anything left for him to prove. Watch for him to come up shortly. When he does and if he plays everyday, grab him.

JD Martinez (OF-HOU)- I’m not surprised by his hot start. He’s a sleeper this year. So far so good. Go ahead and pick him up. He could be in line for a breakout season.

Yoenis Cespedes (OF-OAK)- I don’t see him hitting for AVG, but I can see him reaching 25 HR. He’s the real deal and will get better and better as the season progresses.

Josh Willingham (OF-MIN)- I’ve always liked this guy. He’s always had 30 HR potential. The problem is that he can’t stay healthy. While he is healthy he will give you 30 HR type player numbers. He’s already off to a huge start.

Nolan Reimold (OF-BAL)- The leadoff spot for him is unique. It certainly has helped his play. He has 20 HR potential. A leadoff hitter with power is a good fantasy addition.

Colby Rasmus (OF-TOR)- He’s heating up. He has a higher ceiling than most of the guys on this list. You know how much they like to hit HR’s in Toronto. If that rubs off he could be an All-Star eventually.

Jordan Schafer (OF-HOU)- He could steal a lot of bases. He could hit for a mediocre AVG to go with that. He doesn’t have a lot of power, but has some.

Bryan LaHair (1B-OF CHC)- He’s a nice guy to throw into an outfield spot. I like 1B’s that you can play in the outfield. He’s a decent hitter who can give you decent numbers. Watch out for Anthony Rizzo coming up behind him though.

Dayan Viciedo (OF-CWS)- He was a sleeper coming in and he’s played well so far. He could be a good #3 outfielder for your team. AVG and power are decent.

Chad Billingsley (SP-LAD)- He’s looked like his old self. Grab him now. He could have a very good fantasy season.

Kyle Drabek (SP-TOR)- I was big on him to start the season. My cheat sheet said to get him. My fantasy articles said to get him.  Right now he looks like a breakout star. Excellent stuff. Future #1 pitcher. High K’s.

Jonathan Niese (SP-NYM)- If he wasn’t drafted in your league he’s probably owned now. If he’s available he’s a solid add. He should put up #2 type numbers without the Wins.

Ross Detwiler (SP-WAS)- He’s allowed 1 earned run in 4 starts dating back to last year. He’s also a power pitcher that can be close to a K/IP. The longer the season goes, the deeper he will pitch into games.

Jake Peavy (SP-CWS)- He’s off to a good start. Could put up ace like numbers until his next injury occurs.

Blake Beavan (SP-SEA)- Good young arm. Should give you a respectable ERA. Wins and K’s aren’t too great though. But he doesn’t give up many runs.

Tommy Milone (SP-OAK)- That big park helps him. Expect a pretty good ERA, low win total, and decent K’s. Kinda like Trevor Cahill was last year for them.


Two Start Pickups: In order of who you should get.

Wei-Yin Chen (BAL)- Was good in his first start against NYY all except for 1 inning. That should be expected in his first start ever, and while facing NYY. Should have a pretty solid ERA this year. He is a K/IP so far which is surprising. If his K’s stay high he needs to be be owned in fantasy. For now trust in him for 2 starts.

Daniel Bard (BOS)- Boton’s bats have been giving a ton of support lately. He should also give you high K’s in 2 starts combined.

Joe Blanton (PHI)- Sure, why not? Matchups vs @SF and @SD. Both parks are big. Both offenses are bad.

Jake Arrieta (BAL)- He’s solid. Should be good for quality starts in most outings. The win total could be a problem.

Danny Duffy (KC)- Great in his first outing. He certainly has the ceiling to be that good. Unfortunately I need to see it again to fully trust in him. If he does it again, he’s an immediate must add. Still could be worth the risk this week.

Jeremy Guthrie (COL)- I’m sure he will be mediocre in two starts. Nothing worries me about his SD matchup.

Tyson Ross (OAK)- Ross is a solid pitcher. His season debut will be Tuesday vs. LAA. That scares me. His second start against CLE does not.


Sell High:

Yadier Molina (C-STL), Adam LaRoche (1B-WAS), Carlos Lee (1B-HOU), Kevin Youkilis (1B 3B-BOS), Omar Infante (2B-MIA), Jose Altuve (2B-HOU), David Freese (3B-STL), Chipper Jones (3B-ATL), Rafael Furcal (SS-STL), Jimmy Rollins (SS-PHI), Andre Ethier (OF-LAD), Chris Young (OF-ARI), Corey Hart (OF-MIL), Carlos Beltran (OF-STL), Kyle Lohse (SP-STL), Edwin Jackson (SP-WAS), Barry Zito (SP-SF), Bartolo Colon (SP-OAK), Fernando Rodney (RP-TB), Frank Francisco (RP-NYM), Jim Johnson (RP-BAL)

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  1. I saw you have Corey Hart, Carlos Beltran, and Jim Johnson on your sell high list. I have Beltran in one league and Hart and Johnson in another who would you suggest targeting if I were to try to deal these players? Also, whats your opinion on having to many pitchers from one team I currently have Romero and Alvarez rostered would you recommend picking up Drabek as well.

    • Target players who were typically drafted higher than them who are off to slower starts. I’m fine with having multiple pitchers on one team. I would certainly pick up Drabek. He was in my list of guys to add. He could be this year’s breakout pitching star. He projects to be a #1 long term ahead of Romero.

  2. you need to stop hating on Joe Saunders. he should be on your two start list… how many times does he need to pitch 7 scoreless to get some love?

  3. Who gets the better end of Swisher, Butler, Hanrahan for Nelson Cruz and Matt Joyce? I need OBP help and Saves so I’m considering moving Cruz/Joyce. Thanks.

    • Cruz is the best player in that deal of course. It’s a mediocre deal. Joyce is a non factor in my eyes. I guess Cruz for the 3 isn’t bad. Butler’s off to a good start and is good for OBP. Cruz is injury prone too.

  4. Curious how much you really like Nolan Reimold? I have him on my bench. I have Jeff Francoeur as my third (of three) outfielder, should i start Reimold over him? – Or are you considering Reimold as a bench player with an upside later in the season?

    • Do you start your guys weekly or daily? If it’s daily you should start either or depending on their steaks and their splits against the starter that day. If it’s weekly I’d go with Reimold while he’s hot. He has a higher AVG against CWS than any AL team. Looks like he plays well against them. 13/34 .382 AVG 2 HR in career.

      • Update Reimold is not in the starting lineup Monday. Maybe he’s banged up? Wouldn’t make sense for him to sit after 2 game winning hits in a row.

  5. Wow Reimold didnt start but pinch hit in the ninth to tie the game. What a stud.

  6. What is going on with Clay Buchholz and I am guessing you would take Drabek over him?

    • Buchholz is starting slow due to recent injuries. He started pitching well after the first few innings of his last start. Plus he gets a million runs of support. He started rough and still go the win in his last outing thanks to 13 RedSox runs. As long as he’s healthy he has good value because of his stuff and the team. I’d buy low on him right now if you can. I already own him personally. Of course I love Drabek. Drabek will strike more guys out, have less wins, and have a similar ERA. Do you want wins or K’s? If you want wins pick Buchholz. If you want K’s pick Drabek. I have them both personally.

  7. Thinking of picking up Dickey for a spot start tomorrow. What are your thoughts? As always, thanks for the advice.

  8. Also, what are your thoughts on Moustakas? He was my sleeper pick but I don’t think he’s going to give me much this year. He doesn’t look good so far and there seems to be better bats in the FA pool.

    • Missed your Dickey question. I don’t get emails anymore when I get comments so it’s hard to tell when they come in. I wish I did. He lost, so hopefully you didn’t get him!

      Moustakas will be good long term but he will have his share of struggles this year. I see him being good on streaks and then awful on streaks. Overall the average won’t be too great. The HR total could creep up to 20 though.

  9. I’m surprised you called SF’s offense bad in your recommendation of Joe Blanton. They’re averaging over 4 runs a game and I don’t know if it’s still true but a few days ago they had more runs scored than any team in the League. I know they’re not doing well but it’s really been a pitching issue don’t you think?

    • San Fran has a bad offense. They just went 10 innings with no runs. I love Pablo and like Posey. Other than that they don’t offer a whole lot. Melky is streaky. Bochy is an idiot. He doesn’t play Brandon Belt correctly so his offense suffers. It’s his fault. I think their offense has potential if Belt is in the lineup. Without him the ceiling isn’t high enough. Over the long haul that offense will struggle to score runs and be towards the bottom in the NL.

  10. I know it’s way too early in the season to panic but I could use some OBP help. I noticed Chipper Jones is available. Should I make a play for him (dropping Cozart)? Generally speaking, who else would you recommend to strengthen my OBP stats? Thanks.

    • That’s a tough one to target. Generally big 1B’s will help with that. Chipper is fine I guess. Carlos Pena if he’s there. Watch for Anthony Rizzo to come up. Maybe he could help. Again, OBP is hard to predict week to week, just like steals.

  11. Selling high would you trade Beltran for Dan Uggla. My current 2b is Kipnis. He pulled out the offer just now but I am sure he would except it if I were to send it to him again.

  12. Would you rather have Ackley, Beltran, and Wainwright or Cuddyer and Wright? I’m wondering whether I am capitalizing on Beltran’s value enough.

    • Cuddyer and Wright is my answer. Only if Cuddyer is available at 2B. He’s a great 2B to have. I also really like David Wright this year, especially if he’s traded at the deadline to a contender.

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