I know it might be too early to discuss contracts/free agents/who leaves/who stays…all that fun stuff. But I’m going to do it anyway. Here is how I see it. Its pretty simple really.

Ray Lewis > Terrell Suggs > Bart Scott

I just can not imagine the Ravens without Ray Lewis, and I know its going to happen eventually, pretty soon too, but the Ravens need to make sure that Ray retires in Baltimore. He is Mr. Raven right now. No doubt about it, Ray is the face of the franchise. The Ravens defense thrives off of his energy and say what you want about defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, their success is because of the leadership found in Ray Lewis.

Ray Lewis is the face of the Ravens

Terrell Suggs has had a stellar year, no denying that. With a banged up Ravens secondary, T-Sizzle, has helped to pressure quarterbacks and is the glue that is holding the Ravens defense together. Suggs is going to want money, and a lot of it. And honestly the Ravens need to buck up and give it to him. He’s 26, and his 8.0 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions make him a big difference maker in this defense.

Bart Scott has had a quiet but successful season for the Ravens too. His disciplined seemed to be an issue last year, when he chucked a referee flag into the stands (honestly, I thought it was cool at the time too), but Bart has been a big play maker for the Ravens. Scott is 28 and had 2 forced fumbles this year, unfortunately he is number 3 behind Lewis and Suggs.

Realistically the Ravens could probably keep two of the three, especially after a successful season. While Scott is a key play maker on this defense his success might not be as great some where else. You have to keep Ray and T-Sizzle.