While Adam Jones made it safely into Canada, nobody else except for Jeremy Guthrie got through with him.  While Jones hit a respectable .308 (4-13) average overall in the series, and Guthrie gave us 7 innings pitched with 0 ER, not another Bird showed up to play.  Yeah, Wieters hit some home runs in one game, but it didn’t matter in the end.  Here are the numbers behind the tragedies that occurred Northward:

0-12: The Orioles record against the Blue Jays this season

1999: Last time a team won 12 in a row against one team to begin a season

22: Games out of 1st for the Diamondbacks (2nd worst deficit in MLB)

21.5: Games out of 4th for the Orioles (33.5 out of 1st)

4: Homeruns for the Orioles off of Jays pitching in 12 games this season

6: Homeruns for Jose Bautista off of Orioles pitching in 12 games this season

7: Shutouts by the Orioles offense in the 12 games this season