1) The Pats- They are 1 game up on the Steelers and 2 games up on the Jets and Ravens. Tack on one more game because of tie breakers, and essentially the Pats are a lock for the number one seed. I hate the Pats. I hate them so much. This sucks.

2) The Stillers- These hobos have taken advantage of the Ravens misfortunes and have essentially locked up the 2 seed. The Ravens would have to win out and the Steelers would have to lose to Cleveland and/or to the Jets.

3) The Chiefs- These jokers play in the lowly AFC West as well as a last place team schedule. They are currently in the drivers seat, but the Chargers are nipping at there heels. There is really no chance of them winning a Wild Card or moving up. They only movement they can do is to lose the division and be out of the playoffs all together.

4) The Jags- This team amazes me by still being in it; however, with Indy only a game behind, I doubt that they hold on to the spot. Then again, the Colts have surprised me by playing so poorly.

5) The Ravens- I love this team. They are amazing. They are perfect. Okay, I digress. The Ravens would have to fall flat to find themselves out of a playoff spot.

6) The Jets- The offense has disappeared and hasn’t shown signs of coming back. These boys have to go to Heinz Field and to Soldier Field. They could very well lose both of those games leaving the Jets at 10-6 a the end of the season. That should still get them into the playoffs, but they won’t be scaring anyone.

Outside Looking In- Chargers, Colts and ‘Phins. As I said earlier, the Colts and Chargers will possibly get in through the division. The ‘Phins need to win out and a miracle. The other teams might be able to go 3-1 and need a little luck.