The Onion Has No Faith In Joe Flacco

Joe FlaccoThose witty folks at The Onion have targeted Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The piece on the fake news site is titled “Joe Flacco Already Preparing Apology To Ray Lewis For Disappointing End To Career” and keys in on the Ravens quarterback as he works on a postgame speech to Ray Lewis.

“I’ve been plugging away on a couple of drafts this week, but I definitely want to focus on what a great teammate Ray has been and how bad I feel that he’s going out like this,” said Flacco, adding that Lewis “deserves better” than to force and recover a critical fourth-quarter Denver fumble only to watch helplessly from the sidelines as Flacco throws a pick-six interception on the following play, bringing the future Hall of Famer’s 17-year NFL career to a discouraging close. “Once I’ve got it all worked out, I’m thinking I’ll apologize before kickoff, because he definitely won’t want to hear from me after all those muffed snaps.”

Very clever.

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  1. This is truly a sad day. I mean I loved all those satirical stories that the Onion used to do. Except for the iranians, we all knew that their stories were just fictional silliness. Now however, it seems that the Onion has decided to change direction, and report actual reality stories. And in sports no less! This particular one relates how Lewis will end his career in Denver. Of course everyone knows that this is absolutely gonna happen, but it still begs the question: why Onion why…?

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