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I had no problems with the Orioles offseason. I didn’t need to see Josh Hamilton or Zack Greinke in Baltimore for me to believe the O’s could return to the postseason. I was however a little disappointed that Mark Reynolds wasn’t re-signed — or even offered a contract.

The 29 year old power hitter signed a one-year, $6 million deal with the Cleveland Indians and has been straight up demolishing baseballs this season. On Monday night, Reynolds belted his tenth homer of the season, a 457 foot shot to left, in the Tribe’s 7-3 win over the Oakland Athletics.

In just 28 games, Reynolds has racked up 27 RBI and managed to hit .300/.376/.650. He’s struck out 27 times and is on pace 156 K’s on the season. But, like I always said with Reynolds, if he hits 30 or more homers, who cares how many times he strikes out?

Through his first 28 games last season, Reynolds was hitting just .207/.339/.359 with two homers and 10 RBI. In a classic case of overreacting, fans wanted to DFA him or trade him after the slow start. In August and September, Reynolds belted 15 homers and drove in 37 and fans quickly changed their minds about him.

The Indians currently have Reynolds playing third, which, as we in Baltimore all know, is disastrous. I’m happy to see that the Orioles put their faith in Chris Davis at first base and it’s tough to argue with the results, but Reynolds would have been a great DH for the O’s this season. At just $6 million, it’s tough to stomach watching him put up these kinds of numbers.

If he can put up a solid season in Cleveland, he should set himself up nicely for free agency this winter. Perhaps that’s the motivation.

We miss you, Mark Reynolds. Please stop hitting so many baseballs long distances.

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  1. if we would have resigned him, he would be hitting .215 with three dingers. the guy needed a change in scenery and so did we.

    zach, you can’t hang your hat on woulda, coulda, shouldas cause you’ll never get anywhere. good luck to the sheriff.

  2. Just one more key signing the O’s did not make,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it will be smoke and mirrors if they make the playoffs this year…………..

  3. Understand he was also an outstanding clubhouse guy. I guess the strikeouts are what got his bags packing here. Same with Andino. You win some, you lose some. Glad the Birds didn’t get all gaga over the bums the Marlins peddled off on the Blue Jays. Who takes junk from a 93 loss team and thinks that makes them a contender?

  4. I think that Chris Davis is playing better because he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder at Reynolds, hindsight is 20/20, but i’m happy with our team

  5. He doesn’t play third base regularly for the Indians, mainly first base or DH.

  6. Yea, I saw that the Indians had started Reynolds the last 4 or so games at 3rd base. Interesting…wonder if his defense has improved?

  7. Agree with you Zach! I like Reynolds and if the Orioles resigned him they could have DH’d him or start him games at 1st and then DH Davis at times. You don’t take Davis out of a game so the Orioles could have figured something out. They could have put Davis in left field as he has played it before and Reynolds at 1st. Orioles would have had their starting outfield for the next 4/5 years.

    Good article Zach… Always enjoy reading your articles… Keep up the good work!

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