Coach John Harbaugh is known around the NFL as a strict disciplinarian that gets the most out of his team through difficult practices and sometimes a lack of a personality.  Harbs has never cared what people think mostly because he took a rookie quarterback to the AFC championship in his first year as the Ravens head coach and has returned to the playoffs in his next two years.

In 2011, Harbaugh seems to have softened up a bit.  After a sloppy 34-17 win over the New York Jets, Harbaugh gave the Ravens the week off during their bye.  It was a move that Ravens linebacker Jarrett Johnson said “shocked” him.  Even after a win Harbaugh has been known to keep the team around to work on areas they need improving on.  Instead he let Bryant McKinnie take off to South Beach for the week which has even me a little worried.  Keep him off the boats.

In September, the Ravens debuted their new rally chant, the guitar solo from The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army.”  The once personality-less Harbaugh was a part of a fun movement for Ravens fans in transitioning the famous soccer chant to M&T Bank Stadium.  “We’re here to have a great time, man.  So, if we get some good music and we get some good football and the fans get into it, the players and coaches love that,” Harbaugh told The Sun.  “I’m inviting the fans to do that, so that’s what it was all about.  They were pretty willing; we have great fans. It was awesome.”

Days off and interactions with fans…  Who is this guy?  It’s like I don’t even know him.

Whether someone upstairs got in Harbs’ ear or he decided it on his own, I think we all can agree that a more loose, less Bill Belichick-like John Harbaugh is better for everyone.


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