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Our mission is to provide the best local sports commentary in he Baltimore area. We love the Baltimore area and all its teams, but we like adding a fair counterweight to the dialogue just a much. In other words, we take jabs because we care. You can get the score anywhere, but we’d like to think that this is one of the few places online that provides an authentic view of our region’s varied sports culture.

To us, good sports writing means providing coherent and engaging words, images and videos that come from a point of view and spark debate. To that end, we take the standards of what is published here very seriously. If you find something on our site that is not up to the standards of accuracy or quality, please let us know.

We accept freelance pitches and submissions on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in contributing to Baltimore Sports Report, please email your pitch or submission to staff@baltimoresportsreport.com


Editorial Staff

Zach Wilt, Founder & Daily Editor (@zamwi) is a sports radio producer, lifelong Baltimore sports fan and driving voice behind BSR. Wilt’s work has been linked across the web from Sports Illustrated to Grantland. He is also a co-host of the BSR Podcast.

Matt Sadler, Managing Editor (@themarinara) is a Richmond, VA native who served as editor of Right Off Russell before merging with BSR. His work has been published in Richmond Magazine, RVANews and on his own food blog, The Marinara. He lives in Tampa, Florida.



Patrick Guthrie (@patguth321) is a co-host of the BSR Podcast and resident New York sports insurgent, writing his weekly “I’m From Out Of Town” column on BSR.

Matt Lund (@MattCLund) is a co-host of the BSR Podcast and regular contributor to BSR. Matt is a Towson University alum and Baltimore native working in sports broadcasting.

Avi Miller (@AviMillerBSR) doggedly covers all things baseball, from the big show to A-ball. His work is regularly featured on BSR and on his top-100 MLB blog, 2131 and Beyond.

Jabby Burns (@jabbyburns) known to his family as Josh Angulo-Bartlett, “Jabby Burns” has been in the Charm City via the sunny beaches of San Diego since 2000. He’s worked for the Baltimore Orioles and created his own blog (Jabbyburns.com) in addition to hosting radio shows on ESPN 1300 (Chalk Talk) and the Internet based BT Sports Radio. Jabby is regular contributor to BSR, and co-host of the BSR Podcast.

Bob Phelan (@theoriolereport) is a Baltimore born and raised lifelong sports fan, and is the resident Orioles Minor League expert for BSR. Bob is host of the Redbox Report movie podcast and owner of theoriolereport.com.

Cody Colston (@The_OtherCody) is an aspiring sports journalist that looks to offer what other sports writers can’t. He’s a born and bred Baltimore sports fan that also loves the Washington Capitals and Wizards. Some say he’s a sports addict, but he would argue he’s way more devoted than that.

Judd Bleser (@TheInternsTake) contributes to BSR, but is also a Towson University student and WBAL Sports Radio intern. Judd is a self-proclaimed football junkie, but doesn’t limit himself to the grid iron. He considers himself an equal opportunity sports lover, whether it’s on a field, diamond, court, or pitch.

Andrew Holly (@AndrewDHolly) is a Towson University grad and a diehard fan of everything Baltimore, especially the Ravens and Orioles. Now living in Tampa, Andrew hopes to provide BSR readers with the perspective of an out of town fan who doesn’t conform to the narrative of local sports talk. 

Dave Stevenson (@BaltimoreDaveS) is a physical therapy student who happens to love all sports, but especially ice hockey. Dave will be covering the Washington Capitals, but still loves the Orioles, Ravens, and yes, the Baltimore Blast. Favorite hockey movie: Mighty Ducks. Dave writes about the Capitals Prospects for Talk The Red.