Ray Lewis billboard in Boston

Those cocky Patriots fans.

Up in Massachusetts a video billboard is displaying a live countdown to Ray Lewis’ retirement party on Sunday. The billboard is on Route 93 north on the Medford/Stonehome line and on Route 495 in Lawrence according to Steve Silva of Boston.com.

I don’t know where that is, but the picture makes it look like it’s a pretty busy street.

Honestly, I love stuff like this. I hope the Ravens print it out on a giant poster and hang it in their locker room. Broncos fans were overly confident too.

How’d that work out for them?

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  1. That’s the cockiness you get from the “Dicky Eklunds” up north. They still think their Red Sox are good. I hope this company didn’t pay too much for this sign. It’s a shame to waste all that money only to have to eat your words.

    • MGW-the billboard company put up the retirement party sign, so it cost them nothing since they own it. Keep hoping though.

      • It’s not hope, it’s what it’s gonna be…Ask my girl Vicky Valencourt. The Patriots season ends Sunday. Goodnight, Dicky Eklund.

      • MZ – Also, I guess you need an economics lesson, my friend.

        If the company owns the billboard, by virtue of the fact that they are running a message and no one is paying them means they are losing money.

        I guess Boston is not big on learnin’ and stuff up there.

    • Dicky Eklunds? So you watched the Fighter? good for you. Well it’s going to feel real good to beat the Ravens to disappoint all you Marlo Stanfields.

  2. MGW, look at who your talking to, MZ… He probably wanted to spell “Miz” but is too dumb to know there is an “i” in it because MZ sounds like Miz…

    And a good one for telling the Genius MZ that it does actually cost to place that dumbass billboard…

    Hopefully another cheapass rule doesn’t come from this game because the Patriots did something stupid, like the Tom Brady Tuck Rule…

  3. It’s worked out pretty well, thank for asking.

  4. Tick,tick,tick

  5. Hey 4 Rings, what you doing? Counting down the time to when you get buttered up by some homeless guys out on Yawkey Way while listening to “Funky Cold Medina”?

    You might not be able to hear us here in Baltimore because you’ll probably have a colostomy bag, be on oxygen, painkillers and have a “Morphine Drip” hooked up to you but the Champagne will be flowing all night long Sunday after we kick the Patriots ass…

    • Big Dale Earnhardt fan are you?

      • Bill, I know your comment was probably a shot at me but it’s great to have you on here for some verbal sparing. Makes the pre-game more fun so I will answer your question. MGW gave me that name because I ragged on a couple people a few years ago. Actually wasn’t an Earnhardt fan…

  6. after it counts down will he go to prison for the murders he committed in Florida? or has every one forgotten about that?

  7. Lock-up? Appropriate name for you considering your the “Prison Bitch”… It’s assclowns like you who are sitting around ripping the shit out of your nose with the Columbian Bam-Bam and then decide to bring up something from 13 years ago. Best part is that your brain is so fried that you can’t even get your facts straight.

    Keep rolling up that dollar bill and snorting your dinner Soon it will be one less junkie Social Services has to give money to. Before you go though, clean your trailer for the next assclown who is on the Shanghai Silly so that he has a clean table to snort off of.

    Word of advice Assclown, that “Nicoderm” patch ain’t working for you, you need “CrackHeadoderm”and you need to use that shit like a shirt.

  8. @bill It’s a shame we won’t hear from you anymore. As I said, goodnight Dicky Eklund.

  9. Thanks for the Billboard! It was inspirational to the Ravens! Keep up the good work so we can kick your butts next year too, except it will be in Baltimore. You might want to send in Giselle to be your QB because I think Tom tore his dress.

  10. Know your history dick head before you write this kind of trash.  I bet you and I were cell mates at some point.  You are a screamer and a bleeder….correct?

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