Why all the outrage?  Acquiring slugger Jim Thome was a great move by the Orioles.

Dan Duquette and company gave up prospects Kyle Simon and Gabriel Lino for a future hall of fame DH that should not only spark the Orioles lineup, but bring an experienced presence into the locker room.  No one has ever muttered anything negative about the 41-year-old veteran.  He’s one of baseball’s class acts.

As discussed several days ago, Thome went 6-for-13 with two double, a home run and 4 RBI in those three games against the Birds.  He’s belted 18 homers in 67 games played at Camden Yards during his 22 year career.  He’s a proven bat who’s now on a contending team that has recently struggled offensively.

And what did the Orioles give up?  Simon, a right handed pitcher who the Orioles drafted in the fourth round last year, has pitched to a 3.96 ERA in 14  starts at Single-A.  Lino, a 19-year-old catcher, has hit .218 in 227 plate appearance at Low-A this season.  Baseball America ranked Simon and Lino the Orioles 18th and 21st best prospects.  ESPN’s Keith Law tweeted that the ceiling on both prospects is “really, really low.”

Yeah, the Orioles still need to add another arm if they want to grab a playoff spot.  But those moves aren’t made in late-June, they’re made in late-July.  For now, Thome’s presence and (hopefully) his bombs should help to put the O’s back on track.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of BaltimoreSportsReport.com and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Hey Mark Brown! Orioles demoted Brian Matusz to the minors!

    Where you at Mark? Why don’t you just say I was right about Matusz and you were wrong and I’ll quit hounding you…

    I see how you are… When you don’t get your way you go off to yourself.

  2. Thome,,,,are you kidding me,,,,,,,,,we already have four of him,,,,,,,,,, Where is the veteran pitcher to lead this team down the stretch in the ‘dog days of August’ ? It’s like , we want to win but not really…..what gives,,,,,,,,,did this organization really forget how to win and what gets you to the playoffs,,,,,,,,,if they did , someone tell them it’s pitching and more pitching…………

  3. A trade was the right thing to do, Thome was the wrong guy. We need pitching not a 46 yr old DH. Lok on the bench and you will find plenty of DH’s. C’mon Orioles, we are not going to fininsh .500 adding Jim Thome, 2012, maynbe 1997 but not now. If this is the best we can do, we should throw in the towel now!

    • Throw in the towel , that’s not like you,,,,,,,,,,,the truth is they were never in the hunt at all , it is a down year for the division and they were just hanging on in a division that will get stronger after the all-star break,,,,,,,,,it will become a long season for the fans , once again……..

      They are six games out when they should still be in first and slipping in the wild card race,,,,,,,,,,,,it won’t be pretty , they could have had it all this year if they would have listened to us a little bit…………two top tier players , one at third and one on the mound and you have division winners this year………………

      Sorry , I was just dreaming a little bit…………….

  4. The Intimidator

    Orioles calling up Joe Mahoney, a 1st baseman since they sent Tillman down… I thought the Orioles traded for a 1st/DH in Thome just last week… So now the Orioles have what? 5 1st sackers?

    But why call up another 1st sacker when Thome is the answer the Orioles needed?

    Because they don’t know WTF they are doing…

  5. Intimator

    Thome is not, repeat not, a first sacker. That’s one of the major reasons why he was not a fit in the NL.

    Thome may only help the Orioles win a handful of games, but how many games will Gabe Lino and Kyle Simon EVER help the Phillies or any other team win?

    Given the fact that Duquette made trades that yielded the Orioles top two pitchers this year, Hamel and Chen, I think we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. But beings that you probably don’t even know who they are, you can just continue to focus on Thome and the “two prized prospects” Lino and Simon, that they gave up to get him.

  6. MGW, you need to get the blinders off… Jim Thome actually played 4 games at 1st base this year for the Phillies. So Thome CAN play 1st and has this year.

    Your at the point where the Orioles can do no wrong in your eyes. You used to be real good at being fair and saying what the Orioles did and didn’t do right but now your 99% pro-Orioles.

    I agree that the Orioles made out on Chen and Hammel and them being the Orioles top two pitchers. But you and I could have been top two pitchers on the Orioles considering who they had/have. They have done well this year but on most other teams those two would be 3/4/5 pitchers… On the Orioles they are 1 & 2.

    Prior to this year Hammel was 34 & 45 and Chen was playing in Japan so Duquette wasn’t a genius on these moves. In fact, they traded Guthrie, the Orioles #1 ACE whose career record is 50 & 73 for Hammel because they didn’t want to pay him high dollar. And I actually agree with not paying that bum top dollar.

    That also whould put into perspective about Hammel and Chen being the top 2 O’s pitcher when thier ACE (Guthrie) for 4 years was way below the .500 mark for his career.

    So don’t make it out that the Duquette found two gems. Hammel still isn’t a .500 pitcher and was only traded for because the Orioles wouldn’t pay Guthrie.

    Like the great “Ol’Bruz” would say, the Orioles look to catch “lightening in a bottle” and so far they have with Hammel and Chen.

    • Yea , anf when is the last time the O’s developed their own pitcher for the bigs ? Believe it or not , it was Mike Mussina , this says plenty about the O’s organization……….

    • Again, the Os gave up “prized farmhands” Simon and Lino to get Thome. Wait, is one of these guys related to you? Otherwise, not even ardent Orioles supporters had even heard of the two guys they gave up to get Thome.

      Again, if he helps them win just five games, it’s five more than your cousin Gabe Lino and your nephew Kyle Simon would have helped them win.

    • Also, I do apologize. Didn’t realize Thome had played a whole 4 games at first. With Howard out, Thome truly was the “go-to” first baseman with Philly.

  7. The Intimidator

    Actually Gabe Lino is my son-in-law. He married my step-daughter, Carey Ann. Simon is no relation…

    Apology accepted… Glad you can man-up when you realized you were wrong.

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