The Orioles find themselves in an interesting scenario with their starting rotation.  It’s one that we argued about at length during this week’s BSR Podcast.

Here’s the low down:

Chris Tillman has put together three straight quality starts at Triple-A Norfolk.  On Wednesday, he gave up two earned runs on one hit, struck out seven and walked one over 6 2/3 innings pitched.  His previous start at Pawtucket was even more impressive; 8 innings, one hit, zero earned runs, one walk and nine strikeouts.

He looks like the guy to replace Tommy Hunter and perhaps even Opening Day starter Jake Arrieta at this point.

Arrieta takes the hill tonight against the Phillies and will likely determine his fate based on how he performs.  Saturday’s starter has still not been announced, though it has been hinted that the Orioles will use a spot starter from the pen.

With Monday’s offday, the Orioles won’t need a starter for the backend of their rotation until Thursday and Friday of next week.  That means they’ll likely be in a wait and see mode.

Will Zach Britton’s next Triple-A start earn him a call up?  Is Chris Tillman deserving of a rotation spot at this point?  Can Tommy Hunter fight his way back to the bigs?  And what can Jamie Moyer provide for the Orioles?

It’ll be a fun week.  Hopefully the O’s can keep their heads above water as they try and answer these many questions.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Pls tell me that if Arrieta bombs tonight, he gets sent down. I like the kid and his potential, but can’t stand the macho attitude and him thinking he’s the Orioles savior. Same nonchalant speech after a dismal performance is getting old as well .. “I just didn’t have it tonight .. couldn’t locate my fast ball .. I’m almost there .. ”

    He needs to be on the baseball version of “C’mon Man.” You’re in a freaking race for a playoff spot biznit, get with the program.

  2. Tillman is like the girl that gives it up on the first night and hasn’t again in 6 months. Do you stick with her or dump her…
    Stick with her, just in case she starts giving it up on a regular basis.

    • This is the first thing 9inch has said that I totally understand , should I worry ????????????

  3. Nah…I just got out of the mental instituion last week. Slep in same room as Chow, The Intimidator and Ravens2488. Wow, what a week!

  4. I’m proud to have slept in the same room as the 9Incher aka “Sexual Chocolate”. Chow is another matter as all he did was smoke cigarettes and fart. Don’t even want to talk about The Intimidator. Intimidator is a beast. He made sure all the other window lickers catered to us or else he would one guys head up another guys ass.

    • 2488, good to see you made it through that hellacious fart Chow let out. Do you think Spy or Mystery Man could handle a week alone with you and me?

      Spy would be my beyotch and MM could be yours, I heard he’s a spitter.

  5. 9Incher and Ravens2488 would run roughshod over Spy and Mystery Man in prison. Spy would curl up in the fetal position in the corner after 9Incher would go “yard” on him…

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