Somehow the Ravens have stuck with Sergio Kindle after what could arguably be called the worst start to a football career in the team’s history.  Even worse than you, Dan Cody.

After his DUI in 2010, which followed an entire season in which he was on the physically unable to perform list with a fractured skull, I would have cut him.  Yet somehow he hung on.

Kindle recovered physically, but struggled to learn the Ravens defense and saw very limited action this season.  He enters the offseason as an exclusive rights free agent and I think it’s time for the Ravens to cut their ties with the failed draft pick.

For whatever reason, John Eisenberg of thinks the Ravens will continue to stick with Kindle in a limited capacity.  “Look for them to offer him a minimum contract and the chance to come to training camp and compete for a job, with no strings attached,” Eisenberg writes

Why?  What’s the point?  Let’s just be done with it already.  Kindle was a bust.  Let’s admit it and move on.  The Ravens are better off without him and have bigger things to focus on this offseason.


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  1. If its a min contract, I think I could construct an economic argument focused around protecting the time and money they have already sunk by keeping him. Of course, there are obvious arguments against this as well. If he actually has his life together and is capable of being a productive player (no idea if this is true) then it would be foolish to risk wasting the time and money spent nurturing/developing him by not offering him the min.

  2. Kindle’s vital stats:

    DUIs: 3 (2 in college, 1 in the Pros)

    FSFD (flights of stairs fell down): 2 (still not sure how you fall down TWO flights of stairs)

    SC (skulls cracked): 1, his own

    Wonderlic Score: 3

    Get rid of this turd.

  3. You have to keep him. They kept Jarret Johnson when he was a turd with sprinkles for the first 3 years. Same goes for Kyle Boller…

  4. Kindle is by far the least of the Ravens concerns at this point of the offseason. Keeping him around through gaining camp for minimum money isn’t hurting anyone. And if he doesn’t turn the corner he’ll get cut. All things considered I’m fine with this move.

    However, like most this is getting a little old as far as a story goes. Maybe because we all hoped he’d be a contributor.

  5. Just one more second round bust from the wonderful Oz,,,,,,,,,the list goes on and on , but wait , lets give ozzie another free pass,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. First, we were gnashing our teeth over the retirement of a back-up running back who had 6 carries a game…Now, we’re doing it over the 53rd player on the team? This really is a Football Town, huh?

  7. Keep ’em. The first year was a wash due to his injury, which some thought he’d never recover from, at least professionally. The second season was basically a rookie year for a guy who missed an entire year on the field. To say “cut your losses” assumes there were losses to begin with. They weren’t paying him dick to begin with…signed him for league minimum in 2010, which was prorated further, and no signing bonus. No one else will likely give him more money (unless Pagano saw enough to lure him to Indy), so offer him the league minimum again and see if he continues to grow.

  8. LET HIM STAY!!!!!! He hasn’t had a chance to prove himself and ebetine deserves an equal fair chance! If he’s still a bust then hey. No hard feelings!

  9. The herd instinct among forecasters makes sheep look like independent thinkers.
    Whenever someone or even a business decides that success has been attained, progress stops.

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