Despite the series win against the Nationals, the O’s still struggled mightily at the plate. The Birds were 0-for-6 with runners in scoring position on Sunday and left eight men on base.

Chris Davis, previously killing the ball in the three-slot, is 0 for his last 29.

With Nolan Reimold done for the season and Nick Markakis still working his way back from hand surgery, the Orioles have put together a makeshift outfield that includes Steve Pearce, Steve Tolleson and the aforementioned Chris Davis — who played his first big league game in the outfield just 10 days ago.

Right now, I think the solution for the O’s ailing outfield is at Triple-A Norfolk. Xavier Avery, who the Birds sent down on May 29, is hitting .361 with 7 RBI in his last 10 games. Avery has four extra base-hits, seven walks and five stolen bases during that span.

Defense was never the issue for Avery during his two weeks with the O’s in May. The pitchers just seemed to adjust to him and he couldn’t adjust back.

But the 22-year-old deserves another shot and the Orioles could use the spark. Call him up.

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  1. Avery is not the answer. The last thing the O’s need now is another light hitting player. We already have that in Andino, Betemit, Chavez, Reynolds and Spy. Don’t need another.

    • Avery might not be the only answer,but he is a good answer. So what if he has a bad day every now and then , so does everyone else on that team and every other team. By yhe way, we all have our bad days.

  2. Alfonso Soriano would be a good answer !!!

  3. @9inchnails- Your assertion that Reynolds and Betemit are light hitting players is absurd. They may not be contact hitters, but they are by no means “light hitting players”. Also, Chavez is on the DL, which is why Avery could/should be called up. What Orioles are you watching?

    While Soriano would give us stability in LF, the reality is that the Orioles have no speed on the base paths and calling up Avery would add a dimension to this team that it did not previously have.

    • Hello Mr Sports Encyclopedia, what is light hitting? Beatmeat – .250, Andino – .236, Chavez – .162 DL list or not moron., Reynolds – 226. LIGHT HITTERS.

      Soriano would not add anything to this team except an $18 million anvil. Het go out and sign Bobby Bonds, that;s right, Bobby. Soriano is probably that old!

      The Intimidator is faster on the base paths than Soriano.

  4. I agree they should call Avery up, at least he was exciting to watch and he he did put as much into the game as the professionals. Because I haven’t seen where some of the so called professionals are doing so great. Call Avery up, lets see some more excitement.

  5. An astute observation from the spy,,,,,,,,,,,, the O’s have reached their true level of play , look for them to be ten games out sometime in July………………..

  6. I interpreted your use of the term light hitter as a metaphor for their lack of power. However I find it bizarre that you think that hitters hitting in the 7, 8, and 9 holes would produce much more than what Reynolds, Betemit, and Andino have provided. Not to mention Reynold and Betemit have been incredibly productive recently.

    • Recently productive, what do they do stud horses? What grade are you in Bryant and do you live in Dundlak? How much is 2+2?
      I bet you cannot spell cat…damn Steelrs fan.

      I find it bizarre that you have a primary and a secondary will work for food sign.

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