On Tuesday, Steelers linebacker James Harrison was handed his latest $25,000 fine for his roughing the passer penalty against the Bills. After the announcement hit the media, Harrison’s head coach Mike Tomlin and teammate Ryan Clark voiced their ridiculous grievances about the fine.

While we spent the entire day yesterday discussing how dirty of a player James Harrison has become, his coach decided to drum up the sympathy in an interview with Alex Marvez and Rich Gannon on Sirius NFL Radio. What about the children, Tomlin whined. Well, that wasn’t exactly word-for-word, but it was close. “He’s got two kids. That’s some serious college schooling right there potentially for those kids 16, 18 years from now.”

Michael David Smith on ProFootballTalk.com set the Steelers head coach straight in his post on Tomlin’s comments.

Just with the money Harrison has made so far in his NFL career, he could have set aside enough to pay for both of his kids to get doctorates from Harvard and still have many millions of dollars left over. If the money Harrison has been fined this year is the difference between Harrison paying for his kids’ college education and his kids not being able to afford college, then Harrison has seriously mismanaged his money.

Ryan Clark, who has had a history of the dramatics, called for a protest through twitter in support of number 92’s latest fine. The tweet read, “New break: Steeler D will protest this Sunday in the wake of #92 latest fine by hitting harder and more vicious. Since they fine either way!” I think he meant “news break,” but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that part of the tweet.

Whether you think Harrison’s hit on Fitzpatrick was clean or not, we can all agree that Clark’s comments do nothing but draw the referee’s attention on the Steelers defense on Sunday night. I guess Ravens fans should be thanking him.

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  1. Lets just make it flag football!!!!

  2. So referees should make calls based on the comments of players off the field? Really?

  3. Dom- welcome back! Nice to see your smiley face again…….

  4. Wow, lots of pent up anger there, HopeYouDie. I'm sure your mom loved you, even if she never said so.

  5. Ah yes, the great conspiracy theorist. Welcome! :)

  6. LMDAO

  7. if you actually watch the replay you would see Harrison hits Fitzpatrick with his facemask. and when you go at someone taller than you, while ur running at them, while they are standing still, yes you are going to see upward movement. its not rocket science

    and Harrison was goin low on Massaquoi but when Massaquoi lowered his body to catch the ball he was dropping, Harrison ended up hitting him in the head. and if you watch the replay, you will see Massaquoi going low to get the ball and Harrison goin in for the hit at the same time. no time for adjustments

    it doesnt matter where or how you hit someone when you are being targeted

    btw, if ur siding with Warren Sapp, any comments you come up with can pretty much be thrown out the window

    • Riiiight. So you are saying that your comments, as a Steeler fan, on the matter are more reliable than a former all pro player and current paid NFL analyst?

      You are right it is not rocket science, but what science is it that says that when you hit someone taller than you, you will see upward movement? The fact is if Harrison lowers his strike zone on Fitzpatrick to his stomach instead of his upper chest, he has no problem with the league.

      The reason Harrison continues to be penalized is because after being told he needs to change the way he hits, he spoke up and said I am going to continue to hit illegally.

  8. Hey "Ravensmakemelaugh", you know the Government is watching you right now and is putting "mind numbing drugs" into your tap water. All this while you thought it was the "California Cornflakes" but its not, sooooo you might want to stop drinking the tap water because it seems to be working…

    And by the way "Ravensmakemelaugh", smelling like RedMan Tobacco, Aqua Velva and taco meat isn’t goina get you the ladies…

  9. Have you ever met a BIGGER bunch of excuse making, whining, alibing cry babies in your life? Let your play on the field decide the outcome and may the better executing team win. Having associated with Squealer fans for years, I am guessing IF the outcome does not favor the black and gold, these fans will disappear…twelve hours before the contest begins just wanted to say thanks for weeks worth of entertainment. We will wind this up again in about a month in the play-offs. Look at the time- better go get out ALL of your Steelers garb.

  10. Political Correctness finding it's way into American Football. Just tells how entrenched the liberals really are into anything that reminds them of the REAL AMERICA.

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