Wei-Yin Chen is an a-list star in Taiwan. I mean, he’s like Tom Cruise big over there. He’s so famous in fact that the Taiwanese media follows him around from Spring Training through September or October, monitoring his every move in the U.S.

News is a bit scarce for the Chen fans overseas as the only thing that’s really taking place is Sarasota are bullpen sessions, workouts and PFP’s. Thankfully, Tommy Hunter‘s lovable buffoonery was on display as the cameras were focused on Chen.

I’m unsure what was said about Hunter is UDN TV’s newscast, but his reaction after jumping in the shot is worth watching again (and again and again).

Tommy Hunter video bombs Taiwanese cameras, laughs hysterically

Here’s what Google Translate tells me the news story was about:

Played for the Orioles in the US-American left-hander Chen Weiyin outstanding job performance, but always remain humble attitude. Now is the spring training period rooms,陈伟殷also seriously every practice, he hopes to do their best on the pitch, but also strive to contribute to Taiwan fans.