Tony Siragusa depends

Tony Siragusa‘s commercials for Depends shields and guards have been the butt of many jokes. Get it?

But after hearing why the former Ravens defensive tackle decided to become the pitchman for an adult diaper company, you might hold back on taking jabs. The Goose sat down with Garrett Downing of and discussed his commercials.

Then they started telling me about [how] one in six men are going to have prostate cancer in their lifetime. The numbers of two to four million guys right now leak because of an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer and they’re working really hard with the V Foundation, you know with cancer research. They are going to donate a bunch of money to them. The more I learned about it and did my research on it I couldn’t believe — you have the diaper things, you know, older people use most of the time. Then you have guys that have this problem and there’s something for women — guys are using feminine products and stuff like that. So I said, you know we have to bring a little bit of attention to the guys. […] So I decided to go and shoot the commercial and bring a little bit of lightness to it where guys can talk about it and after I did the commercial you wouldn’t believe the response.

Siragusa said he’s been involved in the script writing for the commercials and added that helping people who suffer from the problems that Depends supports “really meant a lot to him.”

If you haven’t seen the commercial — well here you go.