As many of you may know now, I’m all about finding the weirdest things from MASN broadcasts and screencapping it. I’m here to break down what I think are the best ten from this season. Buckle up your seat belts, because it’s about to get weird.

#10: Wei-Yin Chen’s confused fans
orioles sign
Who wants to be one to tell this guy what his sign REALLY means?

#9: Tired Adam Jones
adam jones asleep
I’m all for a post game nap, but I would at least wait until I’m off camera.

#8: Adam Jones’ arrow skills
adam jones arrow

The world got to see what Orioles fans see all the time during this prime time game: Adam Jones’ weird antics with first base coach Wayne Kirby.

#7: Orioles fan gets real excited over HR
orioles fan beer
And this was only after a home run to cut the lead to one! I don’t even want to know how he celebrated the walk off that would eventually come in this game.

#6: Sad Masahiro Tanaka
tanaka face
I’m pretty sure Jonathan Schoop is the only guy on the Orioles excited about facing Tanaka next season.

#5: Nelson Cruz & Bud Norris’ celebrating in the Bronx
nelson cruz celebration

bud norris celebration
I am now just noticing Nick Hundley in the second picture and that makes it all the more amazing.

#4: Manny Machado gets thrown out; is very confused
manny machado
Machado had just thrown his bat down the third base line and seems confused as to why he got thrown of the game. HMM, I WONDER WHY TOO, MANNY.

#3: Wei-Yin Chen seems impressed(?) with a Matt Garza pitch
chen stare
If this is not an argument for pitchers not to hit ever again, I don’t know what is.

#2: Adam Jones’ photobombs’
adam jones photobomb

adam jones photobomb
Get this man his own show. Now.

cruz markakis hug

cruz davis hug


orioles hug
Yes. Just, yes.

Obviously I could not fit all of the weirdness/awesomeness into one top-10 list. If you feel like I missed one, tweet it to me and I will be reminded that I am a forgetful person.