The day has finally come that my alma mater, Towson University, has out shined that bully school at College Park, the University of Maryland.

This season Randy Edsall took Ralph Friedgen’s football team and erased everything good about it.  The Terps went from a team in a bowl game in 2010 to a 2-10 team in 2011.  Towson on the other hand had the opposite happen. The Tigers finished last in the CAA in 2010 and won their whole damn conference this year.

The Tigers put up a nice billboard congratulating Coach Rob Ambrose and the Tigers for winning the CAA. The billboard reads “Maryland’s Championship Football Team.”  As opposed to that crap that was on the field at College Park.

What a burn.

I’m happy to see Towson taking a jab at Maryland.  Go Tigers.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. i never support or appreciate anyone who feels they need to grandize themselves by taking a shot at someone else.towsons accomplishement shold and can stand on its owm merit without needing to kick the dog that is already down!

  2. Last time I checked the Terps beat the Tigers!!! Enough said!!!

  3. Towson could only manage 3 points on a UMD team that was in gutter this year…

    Have fun as UMD’s little brother.

  4. It’s great that Towson is around so all those kids who can’t get into Maryland can still go to college.

  5. Didn’t Maryland play and beat the crap out of Towson this year??

  6. It’s great that Maryland is around so all those kids who can’t play at premier programs can still make the basketball/football team.

  7. Say whatever you want, but UMD let go of a coach that did nothing but win and take them to bowl games and hired some Big East dud. Did they think the guy coached basketball, because the Big East sure isn’t known for their stellar football programs.

  8. Wow you can be the best of the worst.

    Or Maryland the worst of the best.

    Maryland beat Towson so…Towson still sucks.

  9. Hey Mitch your father should have pulled out your worthless piece of scum.

  10. It’s a stupid billboard people, and while I was tempted to join in due to my affinity for Maryland and shrugging ambivalence towards Towson, it isn’t worth the vitriol. This is not a real rivalry, and it’s apples and oranges. They don’t play in the same conference, and don’t even play at the same level of football. Towson had to put up the billboard as a publicity stunt to drum up some energy for their games and get some exposure. They need the exposure more than Maryland, if nothing else to get their name out there (when Towson played Michigan in basketball I heard tons of people ask what/where Towson is- they don’t do that with UMD). It was a savvy move by Towson but altogether harmless, this is not a rivalry.

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  12. How did the NC State game go? I missed it.

  13. It’s cute that Towson won a championship in their fun little conference. What was that? The CAA? Are you sure that’s not Canadian or something? Any way, I’m happy for them and I bet their moms are real proud.

    I beat my girlfriend at Nintendo the other day. I’m the champion of Maryland!

  14. In response to Harry’s comment.

    You haven’t heard of the CAA? George Mason and VCU are members and both made the Final Four recently. I guess you’re too busy playing Nintendo with your girlfriend to know that.

  15. Did all the Terp’s get participation trophies after their season this year? Was there a pizza party? At least they tried right? That’s all that matters.

  16. Im glad that maryland could beat us minus our all american 2nd team running back and our stellar star QB, with all your starters starting. And we had a winning record compared to your 2-10 record and we won the CAA. Ive been a UMD fan my entire life, but u maryland fans are starting to get bitchy and taking shots at a team you’ll never play again. Dont you have real rivals to talk shit to…that you can beat.

  17. What should we wear?

    What should we wear tonight guys? How about the red jersey with the yellow pants…oh pooh those don’t match! How about the black pants with the white jersey? No that shirt makes me look fat! I don’t even want to play football anymore.

    Isn’t it great going to school here in sunny PG County? And our girls are the best that New Jersey has to offer. Let’s play Nintendo with our girlfriends after the game.

  18. Lets see Towson State College..oh Towson State University..oops..Towson University play in the ACC..
    TSU lost to MD this year..Hmmm.

    • Indianapolis Colts

      Hahaha the Baltimore Colts. You guys are like the loser who can’t get over the girl he dated in highschool. Didn’t they move to Indianapolis 28 years ago? Haven’t the Ravens played in Baltimore since 1995 and won a super bowl since then?

      Let’s see Maryland play in the ACC. Maybe they should think a little more about joining the CAA.

      PS – Duke doesn’t consider you guys a rival.

  19. Way to go BSR. You guys set a trap and the slow turtles climbed right in. Nice job!

    U of M, Class of 2008…I won’t fall for it, but the other clowns sure did. The same ones who wanted a Big East coach.

  20. Indianapolis Colts – You said “You guys are like the loser who can’t get over the girl he dated in highschool”.

    I actually got over my high school sweetheart, actually she was basically the football teams sweetheart, and the baseball teams, oh yeah and the track teams sweetheart also… Then we all dumped her so she could marry you… So roll over and look at what we, as well as some gutter rat winos left you…

    Rival??? Kinda like no team in the NFL considers the Indianapolis Colts a rival this year…

    Good luck on that 0-16 year…

    BTW, you better hide because the guy from Dateline NBC, “To Catch A Predator” is goina pop out on you one day Jabroni…

  21. Haha at UMD football fans, only come out to whine and cry. I’d take a conference championship over a 2-10 record any year.

  22. Evan Ford makes a great point and he should be ruler of the whites.

  23. If i went to UMD i would kill myself

    • no you wouldn’t. you’d be thrilled going to a great public university with a spectacular campus.

  24. What people need to remember is that Maryland has more scholarships than Towson. Towson should have been winning at the half against MD and they didn’t even have their starting QB. Maryland fans like to think that they are the only school in Maryland and Towson is starting to change that.

  25. Pissing off Twerp fans is fun. Trying to brag about beating us is hilarious. Can’t compare FCS and FBS. You were lucky our starting QB didn’t play.

  26. This is quite literally could be the lamest trash talk I have ever read since the inception of the Internet. I’m ashamed to be a fan of both teams after reading the entire comments section.

  27. I like Twinkies

  28. Fact of the matter is that Towson had a better football season this year. Let me clarify that for you- Towson had the best Division I season in the state. Let’s do it again next year- but this time bring home some playoff wins!!

  29. as a terps fan i say congrats to towson for a fine football season. in the game a college park they didn’t beat md but outplayed the terps. md had a horrible season. outplayed outcoached out hustled week in and week out. no reason terps fans should be bitter about towson or the billboard.

  30. Towson is a joke. You play in a shitty conference and you lost to us (a top 50 university btw). You are just a bunch of wannabes who are jealous that you don’t go to UMD.

    • Hilarious that you think Maryland is a good school. Proof that a college degree does not mean you are intelligent.

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