Terrance West - Towson Tigers

Confession time: I’m not originally from Maryland.

I didn’t go the “normal” way to the Harvard of the Mid Atlantic, a.k.a Towson University, instead pulling a Rodney Dangerfield from “Back to School”.

And finally, I wasn’t super fan number 99 before Rob Ambrose and this amazing 2013 Towson Football team became the best football squad in the state.

But guess what?

If I’m not driving the bandwagon to Frisco, TX January 4th, then I’m sure as hell not going to be Rosa Parks on that bus.

That’s because the @BSRPodcast karma is on and cracking after a gritty, little football squad off York Rd and Towsontown Blvd is playing for all the FCS marbles. I won’t bore you with a recap on how friend of the show, Coach Ambrose pulled another upset since the founder and father of this site, @zamwi, did that already.

What we can do is look ahead to the collisional FCS Championship matchup with perennial FCS power North Dakota State, who just happen to own the last two FCS Championships. And if that wasn’t enough to blow up your skirt, then maybe their monster 24-game winning streak might make you take notice.

But who gives a Sean Landeta pooch punt what those dullards from Fargo, ND have done. It’s time (if you haven’t already) to jump on the Tiger Pride Wagon as it’s heading to the Lonestar State equipped with a team that can bring home some must needed hardware to Johnny U Stadium.

The person with the most influence on how “we” got here (not to beat a dead Eagle), is Coach Ambrose. For all five of you that listened to the BSR Podcast, coach predicted this was going to happen when some “hack” host asked him his team’s chances of winning.

“I don’t look at spreads. All I know is my football team will be ready to play under any circumstances. As long as the field is 100 yards long, it doesn’t matter to us. We would play on concrete”.

As an alum, his words make me want to run thru a Bobby Dickerson hold sign and smash whatever BSox catcher is behind the plate March 31st. But sooner more than later, the question of “when will Coach Ambrose move on” chatter will ramp up.

But for now, I’m just going to enjoy ride. I mean how often does this happen to a “mid major” type athletic department in a major sport? It’s ok now to pump your chests and rep those “Towson State” sweatshirts at the Towson Town Mall while procrastination-shopping. Be loud and proud on social media.

Because as cynical as us nerds can be now a days about sports, it’s pretty F-ing nice to just support a team without an pre conceived notions.

Just being a fan is my Christmas miracle. And for that I thank you Coach Ambrose and the entire Towson Football organization.