A mainstream Houston news website has reported that Orioles LHP Troy Patton was arrested recently today on a suspicion of DWI. After blowing 0.14 into a Breathalyzer test, police took Patton in, followed by him posting a simple $500 bail.

He is scheduled to go to court later this month.

Once regarded as a top prospect in the Astros organization and coming to Baltimore in the Miguel Tejada trade, Patton spent the majority of last season starting in AAA Norfolk.  Getting up there in years, he is becoming less of an option for the future and looking more like a replacement level bullpen arm.

Patton had a fun debut in Boston last season, coming in relief and pitching an inning, including a strikeout of David Ortiz.  There was a whole story behind his sister reuniting with him there, or something of the sort.

Honestly, I apologize for this being the most intense Orioles news to come in the last few days.  Here’s to bigger things this week (before Fanfest on Saturday!).