How many more times am I going to have to tell you that Troy Polamalu is a choker?  The guy played horrible against the Packers in the Super Bowl last season, choked twice against the Ravens in 2011 and his first playoff game of this season was atrocious.

Polamalu makes all the headlines for being a top safety in the NFL, but the overhyped defender showed fans more of the back of his jersey in Denver than I have seen in recent memory.

When critiquing a defensive player, it’s always tough to simply examine the box score and comment on his performance — unless of course you’re Ross Gore — but Polamalu finished with just two tackles against the Broncos.  You tell me what kind of day it was for him.

On Tim Tebow’s game winning touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas, Polamalu was spotted biting on the play action and then feverishly trying to help the embarrassed Ike Taylor and Ryan Mundy as they watched their post season slip away.  He came no where near Thomas and even gave a half assed effort after falling five yards behind.

Can we stop comparing Polamalu to Ed Reed?  It’s not fair to Troy.