And so it’s settled.

Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has waived the white flag and proclaimed that Ed Reed is the best player in their position in the National Football League.

You heard it hear first…

Well technically it was buried in a story on about Polamalu’s contract talks

“I’ve always considered Ed Reed to be the best safety in the NFL and perhaps ever,” Polamalu said. “So, we can clear that up right away. But the truth about it is that defenses always come down to how the secondary plays. So, whatever defense plays best in this game, usually comes out with the win.”

Of late this argument hasn’t even been worth bringing up. Polamalu got scorched by the Packers wide receivers in the Super Bowl as his defense allowed Aaron Rodgers’ offense to score three touchdowns in the air.  The once dominant safety couldn’t keep up with Jordan Nelson, Greg Jennings or James Jones the entire game as Pittsburgh’s defense allowed 304 yards passing to the Packers.