Buck Showalter - Baltimore Orioles manager
Image Credit: Keith Allison

Buck Showalter is easily the sassiest manager in Major League Baseball when he wants to be, and fortunately for Orioles fans, we get to hear him speak almost every day. Let’s take a look back through the week and see if we can spot #SassyBuck (Trademarked by Bird’s Eye View, all rights reserved).


Very sincere press conference from Buck. The Orioles manager isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and open up from time to time. We get to see him appreciate Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembly, and then gloss over as he talks about his past with the Yankees. Very cool moment.


I think we have a ‘Buck-ism’ with this one: “… had a chop ball up the middle that Ryan [Flaherty] made a play on, but couldn’t make a play on.”


Is it a bad thing when Buck says Chen was in ‘attack mode’ that I picture a 12-story Chen in Downtown Baltimore? Plenty of praise for Jones and Wieters this time around, to quote Buck. “It makes my job a whole lot easier when your best players play the game right.”


White Castle sliders and dissing Scott Boras? Buck Showalter is living my dream.


Buck on Chaz Roe: “He’s not gonna have any ‘I wish I’d done this, I wish I’d done that’.” We finally get an explanation for that haircut of his.


Not much this go around even though I’m convinced Gary Thorne is a bad influence on Buck. Possibly some undeserving praise for the Phillies, but not much choice when you drop a game to them.

That’s all for This Week In Buck!