Jake Arrieta - OriolesLast night right before Nate McLouth was about to turn on a 90MPH fastball and deposit it into the empty right field bleachers at Safeco Field, Orioles recently- demoted pitcher Jake Arrieta tweeted the following:


Watching the cross fit games.. These women are unbelievable!

And who could blame Jake for taking in some hotties working out in yoga pants, not this guy. But what I found interesting was the fact he sent that tweet at the exact same time his former teammates were taking the field in Seattle. So when I sent him a harmless, badly-schtick laden RT like this:


Pretty focused on getting back I see>>“: Watching the cross fit games.. These women are unbelievable!”

The normally quiet, unassuming Jake decided he had enough of this negative energy from “Orioles Nation” and Twitter trolls everywhere. He lobbed back countless Twitter scud missiles, which I’m guessing was his way of taking out his frustration due to his pitching “performances” of late. I won’t bore you with every twitter beef ol’ Jake was battling late into the evening  as “his” teammates were fighting to break a mini two game slide, you can read them yourself here  https://twitter.com/JArrieta34/with replies. He did tweet this shortly after his cross fit one, I guess covering his tracks.


“If I said I was watching my boys on the iPad since the first pitch.. Would that make you feel better?”

And you know what, I’m good with that. Believe him or not, he doesn’t have to be watching the Orioles on his down time. Especially since he would probably have to have the MLB package to see the O’s. I get it. But where it got real weird for this hacky blogger was when Jake threatened to cause bodily harm to me when I said he needed a hug.


the last thing your ugly mug needs is a face punch.

What the heck does that even mean? “The last thing my ugly mug needs is a face punch“? What, a “punch in the face” was too many characters, Jake? Either way, the 3-time Orioles home Opening Day starter had put me in my place. I just hope this evening of venomous tweets lights a fire under him and he comes back to the big club and shows everyone (including me) just how special he really is. I would love to be wrong (wouldn’t be the first or last time) about my prediction that it’s just never going to work out here in Baltimore for Jake. I really would. But for now Jake, just back away from the keyboard. There are trolls everywhere!