Maryland Pride uniforms 2013 from Under Armour

Maybe you THOUGHT you knew what was coming… now you KNOW.

– Under Armour’s official Facebook page.

Under Armour has been revolutionizing football uniforms since they started rolling out their Maryland Pride line for the Terps. On Saturday, they’re changing the game yet again with what I think is their most impressive design yet.

On UA’s Facebook page, they showed off a series of photos of their newest, most highly anticipated and never-before-seen design.

The helmets are hand painted and feature an amazing design that displays the Maryland flag flying in the wind.

Each player will wear red jerseys with flags on along their sleeves. “Maryland” will be written along the chest in yellow. Matching red pants with a Maryland flag sown on the hip will be paired with the jersey.

Under Armour also showed off their new gloves when feature “Maryland” along the fingers and the outline of the state with the flag behind it.

The University of Maryland will don the 2013 Pride Uniforms at M&T Bank Stadium for their matchup against West Virginia.

I can’t wait to see the Terps take the field on Saturday.