One of the best parts about beating the Pittsburgh Steelers at home is watching their disappointed fans leave the stadium knowing that they have to think about the loss the whole way home.  Steelers fans flood to road stadiums to support their time so beating them makes it that much more sweet.

Surely the Broncos fans were hurling insults at the yellow towel waving Steelers fans after a dramatic 29-23 overtime win.  But it was a flight board in the Denver airport that really kicked Pittsburgh fans while they were down.

The board showed all of the flight information for a United Airlines flight from Denver to Pittsburgh.  “How ‘Bout that Tebow” was posted just below the information.

I love it.

Pittsburgh columnist Dejan Kovacevic tweeted the picture, I found it via Darren Rovell.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


  1. Congrats Denver! Thats hard to say for a hard core Dawg. But I am a hard core God fan also. Love Tebow display of faith ,and I am now a big Tebow fan. He has the right coach on his side, and expect to see him thrive in the NFL, and in Denver,BECAUSE of his loyalty. Pittsburg got what was coming to them with there dirty play ,and dirty players ,dirty fans,and the dirty way of thinking that its ok to except sexual misconduct (consentlessbooger) &(Joepa) its ok in PA to riot in the streets when they fire a couch after destoying the lifes of are youths, as long as its in the name of football. Its not a dirty hit as long as your a pissburg fan. They have no idea whats right, or whats wrong. I have never seen in my 48 years of life that many people in any place that clueless , and sorry. God Bless Tebow. GO GOD,GO BROWNS.

    • Since you protest to be an avid God fan how about not passing judgement on us Pittsburgh Steeler fans (6 time superbowl champs) and please in the future brother christian get your facts right we don’t burn couches in Pa. Try WVU

      • SteelersOwnBrowns

        Only thing to say to my fellow Steelers fan but took the time to disparage my college team – 70-33 and Orange Bowl Champs baby! Burn that couch.

    • SteelersOwnBrowns

      A Clowns fan. Well there you go. I have to say, it takes some guts to admit you’re a Clowns fan. You’ve been the Steelers’ doormat since 1970. We can always count on those two victories a year thanks to the Clowns. And haven’t you heard? GOD HATES CLEVELAND SPORTS. Clowns no Super Bowls and last championship 1964. Indians last WS win 1948. Cavaliers? Can you say SOUTH BEACH? HAHAHAHA Hockey? Nope. And my God, what a joke of a city. The only city in the world where their river caught on fire. Not only that, but you give us political jokebags like Dennis Kucinich. And, of course, there’s that wonderful Cleveland (or should I say Crackland) educational system that produced mental midgets like you who can’t muster enough brainpower to wipe their arse never mind put together a coherent sentence. Well done, Mr. Dawg! You are a shining example of what Crackland, Ohio, can produce.

      The Pittsburgh Steelers will be back next year. The Crackland Clowns will be back, too – in the cellar where they belong. Looking forward to those two wins once more!

    • learn how to spell idiot, pittsburgh has an H at the end. Cleveland people are so DUMB.

  2. By the way are people in western PA vote for presedent? I

    • Is this English? You should ask God to teach you how to string together a coherent thought.

    • SteelersOwnBrowns

      Got crack Dawg? By the way, you know you’re posting on a Ravens site. You remember that team, right? The one that abandoned your joke of a city to go to Baltimore. How did that taste, Dawg?

  3. Nice to know United employees are not beneath taunting paying customers who enable them to have their job in the first place. Hopefully, the ten of thousands upon tens of thousands of Steelers’ fans who travel via air will remember this when choosing their future air travel provider. I’m guess other airlines would welcome their business even if United Airlines does not.

    • Actually no airline likes flying to/from Pittsburgh. There tends to be too many people from Pittsburgh on those flights.

      • SteelersOwnBrowns

        Funny guy. I bet you make all your boyfriends laugh in the penitentiary when you bend over for your soap.

      • Do you know why it is so windy in Cleveland? Because Chicago blows and Pittsburgh sucks!

    • Tens of thousands? with that many traveling fans, you’d think Heinz field would sit 80,000!

  4. DieHard Steelers Fan

    Good to know and Iʻm not surprised this was UNITED Airlines. Iʻve not flown them for years because of their piss poor service and late arrivals. Iʻm VERY happy to know itʻs not one of my favorite airlines Continental or Delta… This just solidifies my reasoning for not flying UNITED in more than 15 years again… and after this, I NEVER WILL AGAIN.

    I fly to Steelers road games at least once or twice a year, but will not be doing so on this shitty airline…

    • United and Continental merged last year.

    • Seems like you are really on top of things… As the other reader posted, UNITED and CONTINENTAL are one and the airline is now called UNITED. CONTINENTAL management now runs UNITED and the CONTINENTAL as an airline no longer exists.

    • SteelersOwnRatbirds

      UNITED is a flippin’ joke. The airline known for the four-hour layover. If you ever fly it through O’Hare, your layover is a minimum six hours. And, of course, bags don’t fly free so a Ratbird fan can’t take his wife.

  5. Hah the steeler’s fans are funny. who’s actually not going to fly united cuz of this? also diehard steelers fan apparently lives in a hole united and continental are the same. Its great how the airline you hate is also your favorite. Read some actual news once in a while.

    • SteelersOwnRatbirds

      Well, apparently a genius like you is on top of all those important facts. Is “lol” actually Cliff Claven from Cheers? And by the way, dingleberry, it’s Steelers fans without the apostrophe. So much for the genius.

  6. someone on the plane should have taken a dump in the sink in the bathroom or at least pissed in the sink…if you could, bring a raw piece of chicken on board, place it under the seat you are sitting in, a few days and….bingo…

    • SteelersOwnRatbirds

      Steve is your typical Ratbirds fan. I think I saw him take a dump in the sink at M&T Bank Stadium. He was creating a Ray Lewis.

  7. Go watch your miserable nascar “racing” Mr. Redneck. Tebow will be a has been by next week after the Pats clean has jesus clock. As for the b’more ratbirds, they will be gone after Houston comes in and shows them the NFL door.
    Find something else to piss and moan about, Jack Wad Mtruckerdawgchit!

  8. By the way Mr. Jack Wad Mtruckerdawgchit, who are you voting for for President?……Nute Rommney or Willard Imrich? some choice you rednecks have in this election…..oh, maybe cain will reappear with his 999 BS…….hahahahaha

  9. And Mr. Jack Wad Mtruckerdawgchit, A team fires it’s COACH, not it’s couch. What do you have a 7th grade education, in “your 48 years” you should be more edumacated than that, dnmbchitJack Wad Mtruckerdawgchit ! !…………hahahaha

  10. Haha Steve… Everyone knows people from Pittsburgh would try and take a dump in the sink anyways. It’s why you can’t have nice things. Don’t try blame a funny joke played by some United employees for your fellow citizens unorthodox bathroom habits.

  11. It’s United Airlines and the city of Denver… What would you expect from them? Certainly not professional customer service and class.

  12. Broncos will need more than God and Tebow this weekend. Patriots 35- Denver 10

  13. It’s Tebow time for now, but the devil is in New England and don’t forget God’s nephew!

  14. What a bunch of whiny bitches the Steeler fans are… Go grab “youns” some Iron City Beer from Sheetz, dry your tears with that piss yellow towel and watch some real teams play football this weekend…

    @ Mtruckerdawgeatshitandie – I’m a “Redneck” like mtruckerdawg, problem with that little boy? Didn’t think so.

    Hey Mtruckerdawgeatshitandie, heard “” didn’t work for you Stud. They matched you up with your aunt. Or maybe it did work…

    • SteelersOwnRatbirds

      Funny but I saw plenty of whiny Ratbirds fans leaving M&T Bank Stadium last season when Polamalu ass-raped Flacco for the win. Yes, I’ll be watching the real teams like the Giants, Packers and Saints. Hell I might even watch a minor-league team like the Ratbirds get their ashes hauled by Yates and the Texans. That’ll be fun and take some of the edge off last week.

      BTW, if that avatar is actually you, it looks like you took a turd and bent it over your lip. You love to eat shit, right?

  15. theintimidatorhasasmallpenis

    Nough said.

    • SteelersOwnRatbirds

      Wow, another Cleve(Crack)land fan exercises his/her brainpower and is able to type two words! Go Browns with four exclamation points! Well done, Big Dawg. Go sniff another Browns fan’s arse now.

  16. So, I think you all are missing the point…
    United Airlines is a business that runs on customers service. So why would you possibly be so stupid as to goad your customers who chose your airline and spent their money with your company??
    I don’t give a crap who’s team it is .
    You are an airline! Be professional!

  17. Steelers fans keep saying they have 6 super bowl rings. This is true, however, they have also been a team since 1938 (74 years) so actually, 6 rings is kinda lame don’t you think???????

    • SteelersOwnRatbirds

      Yeah, Sue’s quite the airhead. The Steelers were established in 1933 you dolt. And as Maria said, the Super Bowl-era began in 1967. I suppose you could say six rings is kind of lame, but that would make the other 31 teams far lamer, don’t you think? Especially the Ratturds who have only won one. Or perhaps you are a Cleveland Browns fan like Big Dawg and mtruckerdawg, then it’s ZIPPO! Try posting on Home and Garden site, Sue. It’s much more your speed.

      • Actually, the Ravens won one and the Colts won one. So, if you were born and raised in Baltimore, that actually counts as two Superbowl wins. Are you a bitter, angry douche because you come from a shit city or is it because 6 is the only number you can count to?

  18. Sue , you are a flipping idiot.
    The first Super Bowl was played in 1967.

  19. Thats awesome. Love tebow. At least hes never assualted a woman freaking ben.

  20. SteelersOwnRatbirds,

    Nice name, does it also serve as your MW3 handle when you and the other Johnstown Middle Schoolers have your tourneys after the last bell rings?

    The problem with Steeler fans is that they live their whole life focusing on the past. Face it, your team is old and it may be years before they are competitive in the AFC North again. It’s the Ravens’ year and it’s killing y’ins. You talk about “last year” when overrated Polamula did this and that and blah, blah, blah. What did the little fairy do this year and how did your team fair against the “Ratbirds” this year, Shoeless Joe?

    Keep focusing on last year and the years before that as it may make it easier on you when you see The Great Ray Lewis hoist his second Lombardi Trophy for a team that’s only been in existence since 1996.

    Nighty night y’ins.

  21. Squeelers were abolished week 1, smacked at home the 2nd time around, then bent over by teebow. Lmfao, sorry to say steelers don’t own 5hit. You guys played like complete garbage your final in 4 of your final 5 regular season games, competing with the browns led by seneca wallace and colt McCoy, a Tyler palko led cheifs, and got owned by the 49ers who could actually put a serviceable team out there. You all are trash, back to the drawing board. It must rip squealer nations insides out to see Hines ward leaving on this note. His last memory is getting knocked out like a little bitch, and just blown up by jarret Johnson ! Rofl. Back to the drawing board scrubs!

  22. Dang!!! You all need to grow up and act like adults. You all remind of a bunch of elementary school children calling each other names and always have to get the last word in. Wow!!! No matter who you’re fav team is….the 80 yard touchdown was an awesome OT play!!! Pittsburgh fans…get over it….you lost…there’s always next year…..Denver fans good luck in the next round. Now behave yourselves and stop giving other Pittsburgh fans and Denver fans a bad name. Geesh!!!

  23. I’m telling you. This is just a game. Kids play this as a pick-up sport in parks, and you “adults” are having shit-fits over other adults that get paid millions to play a children’s game. I’ve been to other pro games before and I have never been treated like I was treated at a Squeelers game. Your fans are horrible and they need lessons in common courtesy, hospitality, and they also need to gow a pair. You lost, we’re still in and you need to accept how things ended. Look forward to next year and maybe you’ll excel in something other than being shitbags. h, and congratulaaions on being the ONLY team in the NFL to be “HARBAUGH-ED”. Remember, NFL also means “NOT FOR LONG”.

  24. Better to be mildly taunted at the airport than be punched out as a visitor in Pitt. while rooting for the Ravens!

  25. GO RAIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Steelers fans are the most obnoxious, ignorant fans you will find in the NFL. They come out of the woodwork like cockroaches when they’re winning, classless. They deserve every single bit of harassment that comes their way. Baltimore stomped a mudhole in your a$$es both games this year, you run your mouths still…..GO LAY DOWN.

  27. Tough luck Steelers’ Fans…..your winter vacation started sooner than expected. I feel your pain. We Ravens’ Fans have felt it the last three years. Now it’s our turn to punch our ticket to Festivus Maximus. Perhaps it is our parting gift to RayRay, for all the highlights and crushing hits he has he has given you over the years. No snarky comments. Just a Thank You for your contribution to the Mighty Ravens memorable ’11-’12 season. Set your dvr’s….the best is yet to come!!!

  28. I like how a Baltimore publisher wrote this!!! epic

    GO RAVENS!!!!!

  29. Hilarious related story: After the Red Sox (My Sox!) beat the Rockies in the 2007 World Series, Frontier Airlines, who are based out of Denver, posted ads in DIA saying “Now you know why we don’t fly to Boston”… Priceless

  30. I’m neutral as far as the teams go and I don’t understand how everyone can’t see the humor in this. I don’t think it was written to be ugly, just as a funny joke. People need to lighten up, I’m as hardcore about my football as anyone and if I read this on a airline flash board I would find it humorous.

  31. I guarantee half the Steelers fanbase, at least, would need:

    – a map to tell you where Pittsburgh actually is.

    – google to tell you who the QB was before Big Ben (Tommy Maddox)

    – a plane to actually set foot in Pittsburgh for the first time.

  32. come on the steelers lost get over it.the sound like new york now.everytime they lose they cry.look football is a mans ray lewis don’t hear the ravens cry and complain when they are the steelers do.the only thing that the steelers fans should be saying is the steel curtain has rusted.

  33. Robyn,
    Apparently you don’t own a business as i do .
    Because if you did you would see that what United did pissed some people off.
    THat’s my point.
    I don’t take life to seriously but I take my business seriously as every business owner should.

    • @Maria Abraham – Selling Mary Kay Cosmetics does not count as “Owning a Business”…

  34. Shouldn’t really matter because most of the Steelers fans are going somewhere other than Pittsburgh. The Steelers are the new “America’s Team” with a bunch of bandwagoners that have no connection of any sort to Pittsburgh or the Steelers other than they are curently winning and it cool to be a Steelers fan. They will move on when the big rapist retires.

  35. Steelers Own/Over Everything is probably one of them.

  36. You know all those cheap shots that ward (DWI) put on players over the years, well who can remember the clean hit double J put on him and put him on his ass. I as a revens fan would hate it if the steelers sucked as a team, it would so much less every time we kicked there ass. The steelers fans and those piss yellow crying towels will suck for ever. They say they travel well at M&T stadium the black and yellow is like spit in the ocean. pissburg the town of drunks and rapist

  37. Not really “taunting” . good natured kidding. Steelers obviously have the history, but this game was now

  38. @Steelers Own Ratbirds – You clown, are irrelevant… Your living in the past with all your comments…

    Allowing you to write on the BSR is like bringing Wile E. Coyote in to test product safety… Your going to get blasted and sit there looking stupid…

  39. Only thing funnier than the message would have been if the flight attendants had Tebowed before takeoff.

  40. First off, Johnstown is a great city where I was born and raised. I am proud to say it is my home town. Second, all middle school students in and around Johnstown are no doubt smarter than you are, and after reading the things you are posting I am certain of that.

    Yes the Pittsburgh Steelers are the ONLY 6 time Super Bowl Champions. Neither Cleveland or Baltimore has ever eliminated Pittsburgh from the playoffs and neither city has ever knocked off Pittsburgh in the AFCC Game. Pittsburgh eliminated Your Ratbirds to get to Super Bowl in 2008 and won it on perhaps the most dramatic play in Super Bowl history. Cleveland fans, your Brownies couldn’t hold a huge lead over the Steelers in their last playoff appearance in 2002, remember that? Tommy Maddox lit them up in a huge come from behind win.

    As a Ravens fan, you can’t claim a Super Bowl won by the Colts back in what, 1973………..that don’t count in this discussion. Even if it did apply, that still puts your city 4 behind, but go ahead and count it if it makes you feel better because the total will still be the same when this season is in the books.

    The bottom line is Pittsburgh has kept and maintained it’s franchise, has had 3 head coaches and won 6 Super Bowls since 1969. They have the best W-L record, have rushed for the most yards and statistically have the best defense over that same time period, not to mention they have put the most players in the Canton. Say what you want about the Steelers and Western Pa residents, until you have the bullets to put in your insult gun, your words carry no weight. They are neither intimidating or funny, they are just sad and insignificant words.

    • @Steelreign – I got one thing to say about your comments.

      You watching the Steelers play this weekend?

      CASE F!@#ING CLOSED!!!

  41. Are you as F!@#ING stupid as you look in that dumb ass photo on your post? because you talk and look like a F!@#ING retard tough guy wanna be……..Dick Wad. You’ll probably be sitting in your ’68 Dodge pickup parked in front of your “mobile home” watching the ratbirds on a 12″ black and white TV plugged into the cigarette lighter. LMAO

  42. @intimidatoreatshitanddie – You pegged me Hoss… That’s what I will be doing this weekend… While your bitchass wife serves me my Jack & Coke…

    Oh almost forgot, since you put it… LMAO… You f@#$ing loser!

  43. […] Some United Airlines flight attendants had some fun rubbing it in to departing Pittsburgh Steeler fans on Monday morning. Check out the bottom of the gate board in this photo. […]

  44. Intimidator, you make me laugh. It’s people like you, people whose sole purpose in life is to provide amusement for the intelligent, who would be excellent court Jesters. You don’t have much upstairs, but you got alot of heart. Here’s to ya for keeping me laughing.

    • You must be a Republican. You’re so busy thinking you’re smater than everyone else that you don’t realize that you are the one that’s the idiot. IT’S JUST A GAME! Wait until next year like everyone else will and enjoy the time in between.

  45. @Steelreign – Well lets do this then… Lets meet up for some drinks, I’ll provide the laughs and since you are intelligent you can talk about the meaning of life, black holes, artifical intelligence, etc…

    And you know what? I’ll even pay! Jiffy Lube pays me well enough that I can treat a buddy once every 4 months…

  46. Hell yeah, Intimidator. We’ll pick up a couple of 40’s like we usually do after pay day and some smokes and treat Steelerreign to a meal at Golden Corral.

  47. […] Some United Airlines flight attendants had some fun rubbing it in to departing Pittsburgh Steeler fans on Monday morning. Check out the bottom of the gate board in this photo. […]

  48. […] Some United Airlines flight attendants had some fun rubbing it in to departing Pittsburgh Steeler fans on Monday morning. Check out the bottom of the gate board in this photo. […]

  49. […] Some United Airlines flight attendants had some fun rubbing it in to departing Pittsburgh Steeler fans on Monday morning. Check out the bottom of the gate board in this photo. […]

  50. […] Some United Airlines flight attendants had some fun rubbing it in to departing Pittsburgh Steeler fans on Monday morning. Check out the bottom of the gate board in this photo. […]

  51. PITT FAN, yeah.. how about that Tbow? I hope an airline in Boston wasn’t as low as this Denver airline was.

  52. Learn the correct spelling of yinz, dicklick..

  53. Come on folks……do you think the flight attendants at Pittsburgh International would not do the same thing if the Steelers had just beaten Baltimore?!? If we give it….then we have to take it…….man up!!

  54. I know one thing, I will not be flying the friendly skies of United Airlines anytime soon and as far as Denver is concerned, they have to face the Pittsburgh Steelers next year during the regular season and things might be different for the Forrest Gump of QB’s. Hell he might not even be their starting QB then. Just remember Denver, we have 6 SB rings and a REAL 2-time WINNING QB that can make the difficult throws and almost beat you guys on 1 leg.!!!!!!!! Go Steelers!!!!!

  55. @Knievel_is_a_dicklick – Other than the Squeeler fans in Pittsburgh, who uses the word “dicklick”? Younz?

    Did younz ever play a banjo in the movie “Deliverance” Hoss?

    Did the Police ever talk younz down from the roof of a “Sheetz”?

    Younz do realize that younz neighbors downwind of younz house are getting sick every day Hoss, don’t younz?

    Good luck to the Steelers Sunday, hope they beat… oh shit, my bad… Steelers season is over… Well, younz can always watch the team that ripped the shit out of the Steelers this year, the Ravens…

  56. Didn’t have to watch the game, just knew the ratbirds were going to blow it somehow…..he he he he nice fucking kick, cundick, oh God there is justice in this world. This is already talked about as the biggest choke deal of a “game” every played.
    Maybe I’ll see you at the ProBowl next weekend, Oh that’s right, you’ll be still sittin’ in your yard with the tele plugged into the ol’ pickup cigarette lighter. Bundle up Dick, I’ll be basking in the Hawaiian sun.

    • You pegged me Hoss… I’l be watching the Pro Bowl bundled up with, (As you said) he he he he, your wife in a “Snuggie”, then I’ll call a couple of “Smoke-hounds” over and me, your wife and the “Smoke-hounds” will go into my trailer and show your wife my train garden… Can you say “Choo-Choo”?

      Don’t worry though, we’ll send her home with some parting gifts… A “Shaggy Chia Pet”, coupons to “Olde Country Buffet” and a pack of “Pall Malls”…

      BTW, what assclown pays to go to Hawaii to watch the Pro Bowl? In fact, what assclown watches the Pro Bowl. Oh, sorry, you do…

      Like always when dealing with you… You fed me the rock, through the hoop, swish, count it, in the locker room I go. Game over!

  57. You be the assclown………..I live here in Hawaii, got free tickets to the “game”. Oh, I see that most of the ratbirds are suddenly “hurt” and are not showing up, just like they did in Foxboro last week….HA HA HA.
    I think they should have given Cundick an honorary invite to miss a few more kicks………..made me soooooooo glad to see that kick sail WIDE LEFT.
    Back at YOU…..CHECKMATE !

    • Hawaii huh assclown? What’s the name of Hawaii’s pro football team?

      I see the Federal “Witness Protection Program” has you in Hawaii now.

      Everything is going your way nowadays as I heard you had some success on “” as they matched you up with your Uncle…

  58. Oh, I see that most of the ratbirds are suddenly “hurt” and are not showing up, just like they did in Foxboro last week….HA HA HA.
    I think they should have given Cundick an honorary invite to miss a few more kicks………..made me soooooooo glad to see that kick sail WIDE LEFT.
    Back at YOU…..CHECKMATE !

  59. What i don’t realize is actually how you are not really much more smartly-preferred than you may be now. You’re very intelligent. You already know therefore significantly relating to this topic, made me personally believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men are not interested unless it?s one thing to accomplish with Woman gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. All the time care for it up!

  60. What the fuck were you smokin’ when you wrote that little ditty ?

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