The 2011 NFL season just ended and the Ravens are already getting zero respect from Vegas.  The MGM Grand already has Super Bowl odds for the 2012-2013 season and the Ravens find themselves way too far down the list.

At 20-1 odds to win Super Bowl XLVII, the Ravens are tied with the New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys, two teams that didn’t even make the playoffs this season.  The Ravens are only slightly ahead of the Indianapolis Colts, at 25-1.  Seriously?  The 2-14 Colts.  Insanity.

Here’s an ridiculous list of teams that have better odds to win the Super Bowl than the Ravens: The Atlanta Falcons (18-1), Detroit Lions (18-1), Chicago Bears (17-1), Houston Texans (12-1), San Diego Chargers (12-1), San Francisco 49ers (10-1), New Orleans Saints (10-1), New York Giants (8-1), Philadelphia Eagles (6-1), Pittsburgh Steelers (6-1), Green Bay Packers (11-2), and New England Patriots (5-1).


If you’re a Redskins fan who just read that and thought about leaving a smart comment on this post, just know that Vegas has your team at 125-1 to win the Super Bowl next season.

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Zach Wilt is the Founding Editor of and host of the BSR Podcast. He's a loyal Orioles, Ravens and Capitals fan who is obsessed with baseball, loves traveling, In-N-Out Burger and Walt Disney World.


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  2. I agree , as long as Harbaugh coaches this team along with Cameron , my money is in several other teams………….

  3. Hey Spy! Where have you been? Too much success to sow your seeds of discontent?

    The answer to the insult is simple, take the bet.

    • According to Ozzie and Harbs , this was a successful year , but I want another ring,,,,,,in spite of lack-luster drafting the players were good enough ( this year ) to win a ring , the coaching kept them out of one more super bowl as the Ravens should have been ten points ahead of the Pats the last few minutes of the game , thereby making a couple of mis-steps by ozzie’s people meaningless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HOW’S THAT HENRI , not bad for a guy huh , I guess you are a GAL by the way you spell your name unless you are a transplant,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Spy,

        I’m with you on this one. This coaching staff is not maxing the team’s potential. In a town so starved for a winner, getting to the playoffs is good enough. Despite their bigger biggest nemesis not challenging them this year – Pittsburgh and Indy- this team simply went out and found another team to upend them.

        Being the fifth seed has satisfied the masses and this year they finished as the second seed. Pittsburgh was gone, Indy never showed up, yet the still found a way to lose.

        • What are you guys talking about? Mike Preston just posted a column saying Harbs is one of the best coaches in the league, so it must be true. The Ravens’ Spin Machine obviously has no off-season.

          So if Harbs is a great coach and Ozzie is a great GM due to the fact that he drafts and acquires great players, how has this “great” team failed to return to the Super Bowl in the past 11 years?

          But, hey, keeps those Gatorade baths coming. Harbs probably gets one from his wife and kids every time he doesn’t burn the chicken on the grill.

  4. Vegas Unveils Super Bowl Odds For 2013 | Baltimore Sports Report – just great!

  5. Let me start out by saying, I bleed black and gold and the steelers are gonna do it once again!!! I’m not trying to be cocky bc our arch rivals the Baltimore Ravens lasted longer than the steelers in this years playoffs but yes as much as i dislike the Ravens, I would have liked to see them go all the way because that realy speaks alot about the AFC north and in my opinion is that if the steelers and ravens wernt in the same conference it would be pittsburgh and baltimore in the big dance every year. Everyone that reads this should think about it and tell me im wrong because i beg to differ. In closing I liked what James Harrison had tweeted after the super bowl about the Patriots!! GO AHEAD BIG JAMES:)

  6. The Intimidator

    @Spy – First you need to stop with the sexist remarks to Lindsey of the “Fave Five” report… Actually you need to apologize to her and you know I’m serious.

    Now, I do agree with Spy about Harbaugh. The guy couldn’t coach a team of 10 year olds. Harbaugh is the clown who has held the Ravens from the Super Bowl. Come on, Harbaugh didn’t think of calling a timeout in the Patriots game? What the hell was he doing? I know he wasn’t calling plays or talking to his players or fighting with his coaches (I know this because the camera showed Harbaugh in his usual cathartic state, staring ahead with that goofy look on his face like he had a lobotomy).

    Some questions about Harbaugh…

    1. Why does he carry a play chart in the back of his pants?
    2. Why does he wear a headset?
    3. Why doesn’t he talk to any players like other coaches do?
    4. Whys is he the head coach of the Ravens?
    5. Why do the coaches not care for him?
    6. Why does he hire coaches that are friends of the family?
    7. Why do most of Raven Nation despise Harbaugh?
    8. Why do I think the Ravens would go to the Super Bowl if a Sock Puppet were coaching the team instead of Harbaugh?

    Hopefully MGW and SPY will provide some answers…

    • Tell us how you really feel about Harbaugh,,,,,,,,,,as for Lindsey , nothing wrong with a little good clean fun , we all need to clean up after playing in the sandbox……..

  7. Look…It wasn’t fair last year…AJ Green and the Dalton Kid had SO MUCH EXTRA TIME TO PREPARE last off-season than our Flacco to Boldin combination…The ROOKIE WR had more catches, yards, and TDs in 2011 than our Veteran WR with the 4th year QB throwing to him…It just WASN’T FAIR, I say, that the Bengals Rookies had all that EXTRA TIME! Not Harbaugh’s Fault!!! :-)

  8. Spot on Ol’Bruz… So what your saying is that the travel lag also got the Ravens when they lost those games? That it was too much for them to have to get on a plane, fly to another city, sleep in strange beds, then go out and play a game of football against a team who’s fans can’t stand ya.

    Can’t stand ya? Or is it Costanza?

    BTW Ol’ Bruz, Good luck in your upcoming quest… Got the old bedtime prayers being said for ya…

  9. Ravens28448244822844…Thanks for the thoughts…That really would be something, huh? Ol’ Bruz from East Baldemoore…Amazing!

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