Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco banner at Denver Bronco's Mile High Stadium

Everyday I reminded more and more that it’s football season. No one would do something this stupid in April.

Since Major League Baseball, the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox were so darn stubborn and wouldn’t change their plans and graciously allow the National Football League, the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos to play in Charm City on the only day and time that could possibly work, the defending Super Bowl champions will open on the road. They asked nicely.

Obviously, this is different from the norm for the NFL so there are all kinds of goofy aspects that go along with the 2013 Kickoff Celebration. As I pointed out early today, the league’s Kickoff Concert will be in Baltimore despite the game being played 1,668 miles away in Denver. Additionally, Ravens banners have been placed on Mile High Stadium and in the surrounding areas which has irked fans and even a Denver Post columnist.

Who in Denver wants to drive to work in the morning and see a reminder of Joe Flacco? I know it’s a unique situation where the defending Super Bowl champ opens on the road. But no circumstance will change the fact Denver belongs to the Broncos.

Personally, I think the Super Bowl MVP looks great at Migh High. Maybe that’s just me.

Local sportscaster Vic Lombardi took it one step further, posting videos of himself writing on the posters and calling for Broncos fans to remove the NFL’s Ravens advertisements.


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  1. From the “Stupid Criminals” file.

    While I must agree, the NFL deserves everything it gets for hanging Ravens banners in Denver, only an idiot would deface the banners and then post them on YouTube.

    Thanks for making the Denver police’ job easier, ass clown.

    • Remember this is all MLBs fault,,,,,,,,,,,,just kidding MGW , just kidding…………..

    • You think the Denver Police cared? Nope. All in good fun. I saw a police office laughing while he did it.

    • he drew mustaches on tape and then put tape over the banner. they’re not exactly going to drag him down to the cells for that one.

  2. If you notice he pussed out. He puts athletic tape on the banner and then draws on it. So that it is easily removable. He needs a big box of extra absorbent maxi pads.

  3. I’m a Ravens fan who lives in Niners country but a TON of my friends are Broncos fans, this whole thing is just so strange. I get why the NFL did it, but did ANYONE stop to think about how awkward this is?! If I rooted for the Broncos, I’d be fuming to see Flacco’s pic all over the city. The sportscaster though, made himself look like an idiot, you are a representative of your city & your team, just like Gerry Sandusky is a representative of the Ravens & Baltimore, just ridiculous and immature.

    • Jerry Sandusky?

      • Gerry Sandusky is a sports guy in Balmer. Jerry Sandusky is the pervert in jail and Mystery Man’s older brother. Not that you know Mystery Man but he is a frequent contributor here on the BSR when he in not in jail or on his honeymoon with Chow. Thanks again, Gov O’Malley. :(

  4. I’m living outside the mile high city. Yeah it sucks that the NFL is doing it to the city. However, the entire attitude that has been going on and the whining that is going on is ridiculous. They did the same thing last year in NY with Romo. Denver get over it.

  5. @JarJar, Lombardi was on with Glenn on WNST, it was maybe the most uncomfortable conversation I’ve ever heard. This doesn’t make anyone look good. Why Lombardi felt the need to post those videos, I just don’t know. I’ve spent enough time in Denver to have seen him on TV, and I liked him. Don’t like him so much anymore…

  6. You know he’s a good baseball guy. He has good analysis on the radio for baseball from time to time. He was on the morning show talking about this. The station had to keep distancing themselves from him. Saying the opinions expressed by consultants are not those of the station ext. I doubt he will have a job in the morning.


    You fucking idiots.

    The station did not “distance” themselves from him, nor did they say “the opinions blah blah blah”. You B-more idiots have no idea what you’re talking about. Vic doesn’t do radio baseball analysis either. He’s definitely not getting fired and Baltimore is definitely getting a mile high ass-whooping on the 5th.

    • As in idiots, are you talking about Ravens2488, Mystery Man and Spy? Well, I can’t disagree there! But, remember this, we idiots are the CHAMPS! You idiots are just plain idiots.

      Ravens 31 Denver Idiots – 20

      • No 2 inchnails, he’s talking about you and how you look like the character “Radio” from the movie.

        • You got me. I am jealous. You have the looks, the money and you are affectionately known as the ladies pet and the men’s regret….I am nothing but Radio’s twin brother…:(

    • Cool sunglasses bro, they hide your tears well.


      • Hey Sapience, did they run out of men’s sunglasses at the Denver Sunglass Hut so you were forced to buy from the ladies’ rack? We have plenty of men’s sunglasses in Baltimore.

    • Vic is on 104.3 the fan about 3x a week ass hat

  8. Well, Vic Lombardi ain’t no Vince Lombardi. Neither is that loser John Fox. Speaking of loser, Horse Face John Elway has some competition from MGW’s buddy, Horse face Texeria.

    • Well said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Go Ravens and Joe too…………………….

    • Elway = Loser? Was it the two Super Bowls he won that makes him a loser? 5 AFC championship games?
      Or are you just sad that Baltimore drafted him and he chose to live and play in Denver over Baltimore? Nobody WANTS to live in Baltimore.

      • Hey Fatso!(Kojak, 1975) you are right, Baltimore is a shit-hole city. No debate from me there. Took my family and moved to PA but we are the current champs. Yeah I hate Elway for not signing with the Colts. That was the final reason for them leaving besides Bob Irsay being a drunken asshole. I also hate Elway because I heard when he was young, he would go into the A&P and take big ass bites out of the kosher pickles in the barrels. You knew it was him form those big ass horse teeth. Now I know you are thinking it may have been Mark Texeria but our “mouth expert” Ravens2488 says it was definitely Elway. “His bicuspids are twice the size of Texeria’s” and that is a quote.

    • OH COOL, sunglass smack.

      I’ll wear my white sunglasses in one of the most beautiful cities in the nation, and you can wear your “men’s sunglasses” in that rotting cesspool, shithole of a city called Baltimore. Seriously! Denver is famous for sunshine and pretty women. What is Baltimore famous for? A port where dead bodies pop up like weeds in the spring time and the most violent neighborhoods ever seen outside of Detroit (which, shockingly, might even be a bigger shithole than Baltimore).

      • Funny you mention “weeds” in your post. I guess you wear your mom’s sunglasses to hide your hazey eyes from all that weed you smoke out there in the hippy state of Colorado, Jeff Spicolli.

        Rock on.

      • Sapience is a Dbag

        You look like a tool.

  9. So two years ago when Baltimore lost the AFC Championship game to the New England Patriots and the Patriots won the Super Bowl….then the very next year due to a schedule conflict the Patriots open on the road in Baltimore….and a HUGE banner with Tom Brady is draped on M&T Bank Stadium and all over the city, would the Ravens fans be ok with that? If so, I question their passion for their team. Denver has sold out every game for 38 YEARS straight, we have a problem with this crap for a home game, not a neutral site game. Also, the Ravens radio guy who argued with Vic pulled the “I’m an adult and wouldn’t do that” card. What a stiff.

    • They wouldn’t have lasted a week with our fan’s it wouldn’t have taken some half bit local sports guy to “start a revelution”. Its also sad that you have to troll Ravens fan boards; nothing interesting going on in “Orange Crush” country? How bout them Rockies…

  10. You can put Brady’s banner all over M&T as long as it comes with Giselle Bunchen too… cause we like to play in the sandbox here in Balmer unlike Denver where they play in the litter box!

    Spy, can you verify?

    • Never heard anyone compare Denver and Baltimore in such a way. From what I can tell, Baltimore has a ways to go before it is as nice as Denver. So no Giselle and you wouldn’t be ok with Brady draped on M&T and all over the city. Got it. My point exactly.

      • Justin, does your mom know you are on her computer again? Of course she doesn’t, she’s serving me french toast right now.

        Bitch, I need more syrup!

      • What the hell you talking about Justin? Look, more to the point, we don’t care if your wife’s family can’t speak English and your ankle monitor gives you a bad rash. You paid for one fine woman. Not many women from Lithuiania get themselves a great American catch like you. You two go together like tuna fish and cigarettes.

      • Justin, we understand your a crackhead and have been doing gay porn for years, which is fine because you like it, but you have got to stop going over to Liquor Mart every Friday and letting a bunch of Denver’s wino’s run a “train” on you.

    • Agree incher,,,,,,,,you and I can get in the sandbox with a couple of these football wives while the game is going on,,,,could be fun,,,,,,,,,

  11. All you Ravens douchebag fans..the NFL spokesman said this has never happened before..This is my city, I don’t want to look at that overpaid assclown in my city. Sweet justice will happen in 8 days. Oh and the dumb ass that said that Lombardi is a baseball person is misinformed..He’s the local news sports anchor, and has a 3 hour segment on the radio. The sheriff is coming for you Baltimore.

    • Then take your complaints to the NFL, and to whoever in Denver agreed to host the opening game.

      And try to sound a little less like a b**** when you do it.

    • Over paid assclown…are you referring to Peyton Manning or Ravens2488?

      • Little jealous there 2inchnails that me, Ravens2488, is making more money than you while you go job to job and still can’t get the extra dough? Maybe do some freaking work instead of being a little bitch and you might get paid.

        • You got me there. I am definetly jealous. You have everything I want: money, looks and you are the ladies pet and the men’s regret….

    • Micah, can I call you assclown? Look assclown, I don’t know if I have the patience to plan and execute maneuvers requiring SWAT type precision to even reply back to your assinine comments. But I will…

      I understand since the Ravens last beat the “Horses” and then won the “SUPER BOWL”, that because of you being depressed, you’ve been doubling up on two dudes behind Dunkin Donuts then going back to your Mom’s house to watch “Kung Fu”…

  12. […] What’s does the NFL poster boy think of seeing Joe Flacco banners hanging from Mile High Stadium? […]

  13. Didn’t I tell you you were gettin that ass WHOOPED!?!

    DIDNT I?!?!

    HAHAHAHAH, keep making fun of my sunglasses though. It’s just about the most fun you’re going to have in your 7-9 season.

    • We are men here in Baltimore, douche bag. We got our asses kicked. Yes we did. We will regroup next week and return as the reigning champs. But you still will have on your girfriend’s gay glasses and look like a girly man next week and beyond!

    • Spaience, enjoy your regular season reign and your regular season stud QB. Peyton is a choke artist in the playoffs and will further add to that legacy this year.

      You’re wrong about the Ravens being 7-9, it’ll probably be 10-6. They’ll get into the playoffs again, probably go out and play the bloated record Broncos, who will be about 12-4, and then break your hearts again.

      You can talk about our city and the crime and the drugs and how wonderful it is out in Denver, but all your doing is throwing up a smoke screen (probably a WEED smokescreen) about your playing choking football team.

      Enjoy the regular season run and prepare for another disappointment come January.

    • The Intimidator

      Shit-your-pance – Obviously you weren’t too confident after Baltimore’s BSR Badasses ran you off the first time as evident by you being MIA until today. It’s easy to get diarrhea of the mouth after a win but only real fans have confidence in their team BEFORE a game. Not you Dingo Warrior…

      But you be happy assclown, in a division with the Chiefs, Raiders & Chargers, if the Brokeback Mountain Broncos don’t win that division then you can go back into your tent, listen to your Billy Idol mix tape and grind your uncle.

      BTW, we’re going to have fun all year round because if you remember from the playoff beating the Ravens gave your team, we are the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS ALL FREAKING YEAR douchebag…

  14. *playoff choking

  15. Couldnt stay away guys……..Finally got my meds right and I should be more stable from now on,,,,,,,,,Now to you, Sapience,,,,,,,As MGW said we hope you enjoy the regular season as Manning is putrid in the playoffs…….for all his talents his Januarys have become the stuff of comic books………Glad to seethe football coverage picking up here boys…………spy is back…………………………………..

  16. We knew spy couldn’t stay away,,,,,he tells me all the time he likes the website,,,,,,,just wanted to make sure the Ravens got fair coverage too………

  17. Spy is my “Wingman” and I knew the “Jack-of-all-Trades” would come back home…

    The BSR wants to know Spy, did you lose the Chowman?

    The Intimidator nailed it again! “Shit-your-pance” is an instant classic!

  18. Hey Balt fans…how’s it feel to know your “good” baseball team as your tool radio show host put it will get to watch the postseason from home? Bet they regret being so stubborn huh? 7 passing tds allowed…ouch!

    • You are a tool expert…are’nt you?

    • Jim, I see that the passing of the marijuana law in Denver has already had a devastating affect. Your mind has already been slowed to the point that you are bringing up events that took place 3 weeks ago. Since then, the Ravens defense has made one of the biggest turnarounds in the league. When you start chiefing up your next doob, keep this little thought in mind- Your QB sucks in the post season. He’ll put up the most bawdy regular season numbers you can imagine and then fold like a card table come January. Mark my words, Cheech.

  19. Jim, what were you in a 3 week drug induced coma? Look Hoss, just because you want a quicker high, the Colombian Bam Bam is not supposed to be slammed up your ass.

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